Sadly! Single father's problem: Her daughter is big. How can she explain some of her knowledge of women's health?

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Sadly! Single father's problem: Her daughter is big. How can she explain some of her knowledge of women's health?

2018-06-08 00:25:08 276 ℃

Obviously I was a gynecological clinic, but today I came to a middle-aged man who was a bit embarrassed. When I arrived, I said that I let other people watch... until After I read the last patient, he entered the doctor's office and said that I needed to consult me ​​if I had any questions...

The middle-aged man, surnamed Wu, stated that he was a single parent, and his wife got it when the child was 2 years old. After the death of breast cancer, the family of three has only left him and his daughter. The hardest time has now passed. The daughter has grown up healthy and is already 12 years old.

But new issues Now, with her daughter's growth, what, as a single parent father, has explained to her daughter the physiological knowledge of adolescence correctly and uninhibited?

I can feel Mr. Wu's prudence. The education of adolescent physiological knowledge is very important for the growth of girls. Most families are born by mothers, but due to special circumstances, Mr. Wu must do this in place of her mother... As a doctor, I suggest that Mr. Wu lead from the following aspects:

After adolescence, changes in the body

Because of the secretion of estrogen, the girl has had menstruation, has ovulation, has the ability to reproduce, the girl becomes a woman The process begins obviously. The girl's chest develops, and the hips rise. The body's fat is usually about 20% more than the boy's. Therefore, the girl's body becomes soft and elastic, and we will find out that the girls' body lines come out. From a little girl to a slim teenage girl. Such a process girl will feel it first and then the closest person around her. Therefore, the father knew that her daughter grew up.

At this time, father should observe children more and praise children more often. For example, he often says, "You are more and more like a grown-up person now, so nice..." Let children feel appreciation and joy. This change is a healthy, confident element!

2. Explaining about menarche and the choice of personal clothing

The 12-year-old girl should be soon before the menarche, of course, there are also little girls around 10 years old It's normal to start a menarche... Mr. Wu should tell in positive languageShe, menarche is the first sign of a girl's transition to adults, is normal, and do not be afraid, general menarche will last 2-8 days, then once every 28-35 days menstruation, prepare in advance Good daily sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins for the night, if the menstrual period exceeds these dates, it does not mean that it is abnormal, but to tell parents to seek the help of a doctor together ...

In addition, need to tell her daughter, Since then, she has had many new responsibilities. She must know how to protect herself and tell her that any person of the opposite sex can not touch her body casually, especially in the private part. If someone is bullying her, she needs to find her father or teacher for the first time. Help from others!

3. About the choice of personal clothing and daily health knowledge

Mr. Wu should ask her relatives and friends to teach her daughter to choose underwear and underwear that suits her. Said that underwear should be constantly replaced with the development of the chest, underwear more comfortable choice of pure cotton ... ... often wash underwear, underwear, and underwear, underwear hanging in the sun so that ultraviolet radiation, menstrual period try not to eat cold, spicy things Don't take a bath. Always change the sanitary napkins. The vocal cords in puberty are fragile. Don't shout loudly....

Mr. I listened to my advice very seriously and said thank you solemnly... I think that my father who is seeking a doctor’s help during her adolescence must be a responsible parent! His daughter will certainly grow up physically and mentally.