18-year-old girl in car crash accidentally admitted to ICU, my father's choice so many people run away

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18-year-old girl in car crash accidentally admitted to ICU, my father's choice so many people run away

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When it is a huge pain

< When you come to you, everything you usually care about will disappear.

You will only want your loved ones to accompany you.

Around you

Love you with instinct

Cheng Jing and her husband Sun Quanxiu--

The child is still not weaned at the age of one year, family happiness and beauty .

When the couple returned home in the evening, they suddenly suffered a serious car accident.

Cheng Jing is headed to the blood room and sent to the rescue room. The initial diagnosis of craniocerebral trauma requires a CT scan as soon as possible.

But Jing Cheng is very Irritability, it is no longer possible to communicate properly. The doctor said that family members must help in order to cooperate.

When the car accident occurred, her husband Sun Quanxi and her were all in the car. The injury was not too light. One eye became swollen.

But he was completely out of sight of the doctor himself and was guarded at the door of the rescue room, paying close attention to his wife's injury.

because the head is affected Severe Impact -

After the car accident, Sun Quanfu had a memory disorder, which was popularly known as his memory loss.

The doctor told Sun Quanjun to speak with his wife and let her calm down as soon as possible to make a head CT diagnosis of the injury.

Sun Quanyi repeatedly called: Cheng Jing, do you know who I am? Cheng Jing, after we leave hospital, do we go for a trip? Cheng Jing, you don't sleep...

Secretary Sun Quanyi is completely in amnesia mode, and his affectionate wife constantly calls for fear that his wife will not sleep again. Wake up, he was shaking all over -

But because he was too afraid of his wife's injury, he didn't care where he was bleeding, he didn't care about where he hurt, and he completely Left behind.

Cheng Jing's Mom Finally arrived, Sun Quanyao has been struggling to support, this suddenly lost all his strength.

He also suffered serious injuries. He was also promoted in the emergency room. At this time, his wife was urgently sent to head CT.

The daughter-in-law was injured and Cheng Jing's mother was on the verge of collapse. The diagnosis was even more heartbreaking.

Jing Jing’s right side has multiple divergent brain contusion and lacerations, and the surgical survival rate is only half.

Starting a bit of Sun Quan Well, let the family push him to the door of the emergency room. He wants to guard the place nearest to his wife.

After hearing about his wife's surgery, there was only half the chance of success. The eye that Sun Quan reluctantly could open up suddenly burst into tears.

At this time, his wife, Cheng Jing, began vomiting blood and the injury deteriorated rapidly, requiring immediate surgery.

Guarding at the door SunQuan Zhen, and his wife Cheng Jing who launched the emergency room, pass by in the hospital bed.

A few hours ago, there was still strength to hold her hands. A few hours ago, she could reach out and touch her dark hair...<

Surgery has only half the survival rate. This time the bed was wiped away. What kind of separation was it?

Fortunately, Cheng Jing's surgery was very successful. When she recovers, she can live as happy as before.

My husband, Sun Quanzheng, remorsefully said that he always felt that his wife was not good enough before, and she must be better to her later.

Fortunately, Sun Quanyi only lost his memory at the time. He will still remember every day in the future.

There are 70 worldwide Billion people, why did I meet you? This is an inexplicable and especially sweet puzzle.

The more you are in life and death, even if you lose all your memory, I will love you with instinct.


Hua Mengxia, 18, has just been admitted to university--

I haven’t been able to enter school yet. Together with a very serious car accident.

His injuries were complicated and he had to live in the EICU (emergency intensive care unit).

3pm every day EICU will open for 30 minutes, In order to pull Hua Mengxia to the end of life -

Hua Papa's Daddy will give a cheering speech to her daughter with a smile and confidence at 3 pm every day. .

He said that to be optimistic, doctors say very quickly, and it will be better to have a few days of pain; to be happy and happy is more conducive to recovery and treatment; Fear, Dad stays with you every day...

However, Hua Da, who has been laughing and telling her daughter inspirationally, hides a huge secret.

That is, the mother who had a car accident with Hua Mengxia has already passed away.

Dad daddy had been struggling with the doctor to save her when she learned that her wife might not be able to save her life.

Because the injury is too heavy, his wife is still gone and daddy suffers severe pain alone.

In front of his daughter, he did not show as much as he could.

because Hua Mengxia The surgery to be faced is extremely important to her.

If the operation is unsuccessful, she may never stand up and it will affect her fertility and urinary function.

As a typical Chinese father who has been afflicted with guilt, his dad chose not to tell her mother is gone before her daughter's biggest surgery is over.

In this way, daddy daddy bears the pain of losing his wife and is also responsible for the surgery that will affect his daughter's life.

However, when meeting The father and the girl who greet each other with smiles actually have their own hearts in mind.

Daughter guesses motherIt may not be so good because mother does not call or ask her.

After her father left, she cried on the sickbed and the carer comforted her for a long time before she was calm.

Human suffering, father Endure tremendous pain and smile every day to comfort her daughter.

The daughter knew that her mother might not be there, but she always smiled and greeted her father.

Because they love each other, they do not want to worry about each other.

Fortunately, Hua Mengxia's surgery was very successful.

The postoperative recovery was also very good. He was able to stand up. The doctor said that his father's encouragement contributed to it.

As a young child, we always felt that my father was omnipotent—

Father's responsibility was to protect Family members earn money and support their families. They accept all difficulties. What they are not good at is to express their love.

But not expressing it does not mean that it does not exist. The more you walk between life and death, the more you will discover —

< The father's responsibility is the most important support that can pick up our life again.

Never give up

The 86-year-old Huang Wenliang and his 80-year-old wife Zhang Yalu have struggled to get out of the ambulance.

It wasn’t they who came to see the disease, but the 48-year-old daughter, Huang Meixi.

They were transferred between the hospital and the mental health center only to confirm if their daughter had encephalitis.

Huang Meichao, who has a history of schizophrenia, has no husband, no children, and only parents around.


When Huang Meiji is not sick, she is a good daughter of mom and dad, working hard and well-behaved.

This sudden onset makes 80-year-old The old parents are in dire straits, and despite stumbles, they all need people to take care of them.

They are still firmly guarding their daughters. It is 48 years.

Do not rule out encephalitis, Huang Meiji can not go to the mental health center for treatment.

The process of exclusion is very long, long wait and various processes, for two For the elderly, they are already unable to do it, but they are still insisting.

For parents, regardless of whether the child is 10, 20, or 50, the child is always It's children, parents' love for children will never change.

Huang Wenliang, 86 years old, Holding the hand of a 48-year-old daughter, she said that you are relieved. Dad always does everything in his power and treats you as well.

He explained to his daughter that the doctor gave You have done the surgery. Now give you some saline anti-inflammatory and send you to the mental health center tomorrow;

There are rooms to live in, you live for one month Two months, then you talked and your brain was all right.Then the old man smiled heartily and said it was good.

Slightly shivering hands, intermittent words, It is a father who expresses his deepest love for his daughter and this love is something that cannot be replaced in the world.

During the night, Huang Meiyi could not come out of the rescue room. Her 80-year-old father and mother insisted on staying with the night and would not leave the hospital.

Huang Meiyan, who has suffered from schizophrenia at the age of 12, has been meticulously cared for by his parents. The 86-year-old father and the 80-year-old mother explained it with a lifetime of love. What does it mean?

4 days later, Huang Meixi Finally can go to mental health center treatment.

The 86-year-old Huang Wenliang and his wife also accompanied their daughters in the hospital for four days and nights.

Huang Wenliang’s old man said happily. When her daughter comes home from the hospital, she must make up for her and make her eat better.

Person's life or Long or short, human story, good or bad, people appearing in life, or passing, or true love.

But the most fortunate thing is that in this one-off journey, no matter what happens, people clenched your hands and said: Never give up you.

Parents, who are never giving up on you, will always be the most determined.

Let you rely


At 2am, the 75-year-old Zhang Wenjun and his son together -

The 78-year-old wife named Wenlong, was sent to Hospital rescue.

His wife, Pei Wenlong, diagnosed diabetes 15 years ago. He found the brain stem seven years ago. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer five years ago and is now advanced...

In the past 15 years, Zhang Wenjun has taken care of his wife day after day, but she has concealed the condition of pancreatic cancer.

Only when she is not in front of her husband, she let her fatigue and worry.

15 years, his wife Has always been dependent on the care of Zhang Wenjun, without Zhang Wenjun help -

His partner's dentures will be loaded, even the buns can not eat, Zhang Wenjun pretend to drop him.

It may seem like a few counts and reproaches, but between words it is hard to hide deep love.

After his wife became ill, Zhang Wenjun felt that he must accompany him to travel once.

In 2012, she took her husband to Japan and South Korea. His wife had a good time. After I said I was good, let's go to Taiwan to see it?

Zhang Wenjun said, "I must take you, but she knows in my heart that this can only be comfort, and she has no chance to go."

His wife’s health is growing Weaknesses and recent bad omens made Zhang Wenjun worried.

Zhang Wenjun said to his son with tears, if your dad is gone, I'm so deserted;

What your dad wants to eat, I have already relaxed for him. I don't give him anything to eat. I'm worried that he won't pass this spring.

Accompanying him for most of his life has become a habit. If his wife leaves first, how can those left behind spend the rest of their lives alone? This can be seen as desolation, so that Zhang Wenjun burst into tears.

After five days and five nights in the emergency observation room, his wife can finally be transferred to the ward.

Zhang Wenjun laughs at his wife and tells me why he has been watching me? Did you come to me very happy?

His wife nodded and said it would be best for you to accompany me.

Zhang Wenjun said, I'd better stay with you for 24 hours. ? His wife nodded.

Zhang Wenjun said that this is unrealistic. If you want to eat the food, I have to go home to burn you, right?

His companions, who were always calm, suddenly cried when they heard this.

Zhang Wenjun hurriedly comforted and said not to cry home is to wait on you alone. Don't be sad.

Zhang Wenjun asked his wife, Can't you leave me? My wife nodded in tears.

Zhang Wenjun cried in front of his wife for the first time. She knew that her husband was crying and knew that she was not good.

She especially cherishes the day with her husband. She fears that perhaps sooner or later she and her wife can no longer meet.

His wife still hasn't When he could see the Spring Festival, he left Zhang Wenjun alone and went first.

Zhang Wenjun sobbed and said he could live a little longer. He promised me to stay with me for years.

Our bodies are fragile and short-lived. Everyone’s body undergoes an irreversible aging process—


The skin slowly wrinkles, joints, bones and thoughts together, slowly dull, organs slowly aging, giving birth to a bunch of problems.

The best companionship and reliance in this process is always the same, like the first one to love your soul.

Following you to the end

In the early morning, Lin Lian, 56, died of hepatic ascites.

Her daughter Lin Jun hurriedly contacted the 120 ambulance and sent her father to the emergency room.

Not long ago, the father who had just returned home from cirrhosis returned to sleep as usual, but fell asleep in a coma.

Fortunately, her daughter found out in time, but for patients with hepatic ascites, the coma in my sleep is already quite dangerous.

Daughter to pay However, my father's condition deteriorated sharply.

His pupil dilated, and his heart vomited at the same time.

Medical staff immediately undergo CPR compressions in hopes of robbing him of his life.

No matter how the daughter When he thinks that he has paid a dollar for himself, his father is not good.

The doctor shook his head and said to his daughter, are there other family members? Call it over. It may not be done today.

After listening to her daughter, the whole person collapsed and cried hard and hesitated to seek for a doctor. I begged you to save my dad. I was one of him.

I'm alone. I beg you to save him. He's gone and I'm alone. Please help him to help him.

My daughter is crying Ask the doctor. She hugs her father's foot and cries.

The father heard his daughter's piercing cries and tried hard to open his eyes, but he could not open it.

Father's condition worsened and ventricular fibrillation continued to occur. After doing his best to rescue, the doctor shook his head.

My mother died young and witnessed her father’s critical illnessFor a 24-year-old girl, the destiny is really cruel. She can only wait outside to save her time and cry.

Father can only rely on Drugs and instruments sustain life--

The father was so reluctant to leave, and his daughter kept asking the doctors, hoping that there would be a miracle.

But the doctor said that people will not wake up, the machine will be withdrawn, and people will leave.

After a difficult mental struggle, the daughter decided to listen to the doctor's opinion.

Slowly Reduce my father's drug use, so that my father is as calm and peaceful as possible.

because it is the closest relative People, so must be personally decided to send away their favorite people.

How much happiness love has given us, and how much agony it has given us.

Before his father died, perhaps his daughter lived alone in this world. His father's feet trembled.

No matter how the daughter cries for tears, the father's heartbeat ceases. From then on, the daughter lives alone in this world.

Trees want to be quiet The wind does not stop, the child wants to raise and he does not stay--

The longer you drift away, the more you hear it, the more you pass through it. This is probably life. The biggest regret is that.

Looking out of their parents to pursue a school job and marrying their country for love, when they left they were still strong, and they returned home for the first time, and they suddenly saw that they were both white. /p>

The second time I went home, my father’s hand holding the newspaper was getting farther and farther from the eyes.Going home for the third time and discovering expensive cosmetics can no longer make the mother's face smooth and full.

The most horrible thing is, I don’t know when I’m going home. It’s just before the sickbed. It’s more realistic to say that even the last of my parents’ time is too late to meet. .

How long have you been home? Do you have any regrets for your parents?

"You closed your eyes When you blink, I only know how much I love you.

The most reliable guardians of humanity are immediate family members, blood-related parents, Children, brothers and sisters, unrelated spouses.

Continuing Recovery of Hua Meng Xia

It is good for you and for those you love--

Start exercising from today on and discard junk food. Starting today, change your bad habits a little, stay up late, and let the smell go to flowers and sunlight;

From today, brave to love, as today is the last day cherish; from today, embrace parents, kiss more children, care more about their lover;

Start from today, to love ourselves and those we love, to prepare ourselves better!

Source: Documentary "Story of the Emergency Room"

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