With sex life, I know that these gynecological diseases are brought by men!

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With sex life, I know that these gynecological diseases are brought by men!

2018-08-03 10:25:33 209 ℃

When a woman has sex, it is the same as opening the door to bacteria. Male and female physiological structure is different, male perineal wrinkles and more, easy to hide dirt, if the health habits are not good; the same room did not clean the lower body, wash hands, this is undoubtedly carrying bacteria and horses into the female body. In fact, many gynecological diseases of women are caused by men.

Talk about gynecological diseases today related to men:

1, inappropriate sexual life causes damage

< p> vaginal tears, genital abrasions, vaginal fornix injuries, etc., these are usually caused by improper posture, too rough room, etc.; but it does not rule out female genital dysplasia, and vaginal mucosa is fragile. Causes perineal trauma, cervical damage, when the bacteria enter, causing infection.

Some male monkeys are eager, menstrual period will also be in the same room; I do not know, menstrual uterus is wounded, causing bacterial infection; endometrial debris caused by sexual impulses of uterine contractions , slip into the pelvic cavity, causing pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis. Menstruating women should learn to refuse the same room and be healthy first.

2, infection

Trichomonas, molds are easy to hide in the male urethra, men are healthy carriers, but they have hidden dangers for women When women's vaginal pH changes and their resistance is low, these microorganisms begin to multiply, and the result is trichomonas vaginitis and fungal vaginitis. If you encounter these two types of vaginitis, you must treat the two sides together, confirm that there is no pathogen to carry each other, and consolidate the treatment, then go to the same room.

Further, do not pay attention to the same room hygiene, easy to cause vulvar infection, urinary tract infection; I believe many women have this experience. Especially urinary tract infections, more painful, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, this short-term painful experience, I believe that once experienced, it will still be fresh. Living in the same room can also cause vestibular gland inflammation, vestibular gland cysts and so on.

3, abortion damage

A couple, husband and wife, did not do a good job of contraception, leading to pregnancy, but for various reasons, choose to do abortion. Regardless of the flow of medicine, or the abortion, the flow of many people has caused harm to women. Today's simple armpit: intraoperative injury; intrauterine adhesions; reproductive system infection; cervical tear; abortion syndrome; postoperative, reproductive tract infection; irregular menstruation; ectopic pregnancy; placenta preposition; infertility; endometrial A disease.

4, viruses, bacteria, especially sexually transmitted diseases

The focus here is on human papillomavirus (HPV) in women with cervical cancer. Most of them are transmitted to women through sex through men.

If a man loves you, knowing that he has a sexually transmitted disease, he knows how to do it. The psychology of revenge is another matter. Therefore, women must learn to love themselves, condoms can avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but also reduce the probability of pregnancy; recommended standing, use in the same room!

5, semen allergies

After the same room, vaginal itching, facial flushing, hoarseness, urticaria and other symptoms of general malaise. And every time the same room will appear, this time to consider allergic to the man's semen.

Love the other half, the following should be done:

1, take a shower before the same room;

2, don't want children Prepare a condom;

3, do not share the same room during menstruation;

4, car shock these play, first to ensure health in the first;

5, if During gynecological inflammation, do not stay in the same room, it is more difficult to treat for a long time.

At the same time, women themselves must learn to love themselves:

1, personal hygiene and private parts are clean, underwear is changed and cleaned;

2, wipe afterwards, from front to back; if possible, wash as much as possible;

3, gynecology should not be overly clean; it will destroy normal vaginal flora;

4, public toilet Swimming pools, baths, etc., are also likely to increase the probability of suffering from gynecological diseases.

Finally, don’t think that men are their natural enemies because they read texts; know that gynecological diseases are not terrible, the most terrible thing is that you don’t understand each other. So, transfer this article to your other half and let him pay attention. This is the key.