Should the newborn drink water or milk powder first? The answer has surprised many people, neither of which is

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Should the newborn drink water or milk powder first? The answer has surprised many people, neither of which is

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Whether it is a novice mother or an experienced mother, the first time after the birth of a newborn baby should be a question of drinking boiled water or milk powder. There are those who say that the first mouth should drink water, and some say that they should drink milk powder. After all, some people worry that the baby is hungry and there are people who worry about the baby's thirst.

The doctor’s advice is: neither is the first, the first time after the birth of a newborn, must also be breast milk.

Everyone knows that the baby will have the function of sucking after birth. If you are in a regular hospital, whether it is a birth or a caesarean section, the doctor will be the first time after the baby is born. The baby is holding you to let your baby eat breast milk. Of course, at this time, breast milk has not yet come down, but it does not prevent the baby from sucking. The reason why the doctor does this is to give the baby a hint. This is the place where they will eat in the future. Let the baby adapt and find the "rice bowl" accurately. .

Baby sucking can also help mothers to breastfeed. I remember when my baby was born, the doctor had to take some nutrients from the mother's emulsified breast milk. At that time, the nutrition of the colostrum was especially high. Although the amount was a little less, we should let the baby eat the breast milk as much as possible. waste.

Many new mothers have no experience in life, or the older generation has made their own claims that they are worried that their babies are hungry, so they will be fed water or milk powder just after they are born. In fact, these practices are not right. In contrast, newborns should not be fed too much when they were born for the following reasons:

Baby has a small appetite

Novice mothers don't worry that the baby will be hungry when he was born. You should know that the little ones were born with a small stomach capacity, similar to the size of a glass ball, a small amount of initial Milk is also enough to meet the baby's needs, so that the baby should suck more colostrum. There may be some mothers who will say that the baby will always cry when he is not hungry. In fact, there are many reasons for newborn crying, such as strange fear of the new world, lack of security and so on.

Mothers have a small amount of colostrum before the official opening of the milk, but the nutrients are very high, which contains a lot of immune active substances, and the baby can improve immunity after eating.

The main task of newborns at birth is defecation

Newborn just At the time of birth, the first priority of the first few days is defecation. It is not good if the accumulated excrement in the baby is not excreted in time. I remember when I was born with a baby, one of the questions that doctors must ask every morning and evening to check the room is the baby's urination. This shows that the neonatal defecation problem can not be ignored.

Helping mothers to breastfeed

The newborns are not too full when they are born. Another reason is that they are shouldering the "mission" and want to The sucking helps my mother to breastfeed, if they drink water or the milk powder is full, they will not suck breastmilk again, which will also affect the opening of milk.

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