“The reason why I insisted on going to work during pregnancy is because I am short of money, is it shameful?”

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“The reason why I insisted on going to work during pregnancy is because I am short of money, is it shameful?”

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Do you insist on going to work during pregnancy?

A few years ago, my husband and I still lived in a rental house. The environment inside was normal, and the voice of the mouse was often heard. But this environment did not make us lose confidence in life. Then I became pregnant. At that time, many of my friends were pregnant like me. They all resigned and returned to their hometown to nurse their bodies. But I still insisted on staying with her husband. Some people joked and said, "Let your husband earn money to raise you, It’s not that there is no money. I’m still pregnant when I am pregnant.” I said, “I’m pregnant and I’m going to work in the last class. It’s a lack of money. Is this a shame?” I insisted on going to work, although I was tired every day, but it was also very fulfilling. Now I think that during the period of pregnancy, I feel that there is a deep sense of happiness in bitterness.

It’s no exaggeration to say that when I was pregnant, if I had income, I would not insist on going to work like this, but I also thanked you for going to work during that time. Now our living conditions are much better. My husband is more pampered with me. If the economic conditions are not good, it is not only income, but also does not make you feel bored when you are allowed by the body. I think this is very important.

Someone is puzzled, why do you still have to go to work when you are pregnant?

1. Economic conditions are not allowed. Everyone wants to be a wide-minded wife at home, but not everyone can do this. After I learned that I was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep because I thought about buying clothes, diapers, milk powder, etc. in the future. I think that when a child is particularly sick and sick when he is one or two years old, he is really afraid that he has no money in his hand, so he will insist on going to work, hoping to give the child some urgent money. When you go to work during pregnancy, you can at least bear the burden of the husband and meet some basic needs of the child.

2. A person is very boring at home. I am a naturally sensitive person. If I want to think about it at home during pregnancy, I can’t stop it. This is not only bad for raising a baby, but it will be even worse. It’s better to find something to fill the gap in my heart and stick to work. There is a general biological clock every day, and it is rare to have insomnia often.

What do you need to pay attention to when you insist on going to work after pregnancy?

Attention to nutrition. Some pregnant mothers eat in the company's canteen, the dishes are relatively simple, but at this time the pregnant mother's nutritional needs are relatively large, it is recommended that the pregnant mother in addition to the normal three meals a day, also need to add more nuts and milk Food to meet your own nutritional needs.

Be careful not to get tired. But when it comes to work, it will create value for the company, but pregnant mothers can't worry about it at this time. If they feel very difficult, they should report the situation to the company in time, and everything is based on physical health. Some jobs require frequent business trips. You can also apply for a job transfer with the company during pregnancy. In short, you can't be too tired.

Don't forget to have regular check-ups during pregnancy. If you have symptoms of discomfort, you should seek medical advice promptly to ensure your own and your baby's safety. However, some pregnant mothers are in poor health. At this time, even if they want to make money, they are not willful. It is most important to raise a baby.

So, it is up to the physical condition not to go to work during pregnancy.

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