The 12-year-old girl had bleeding in her lower body. After the doctor took out the "foreign body", the mother was scared to sit on the ground!

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The 12-year-old girl had bleeding in her lower body. After the doctor took out the "foreign body", the mother was scared to sit on the ground!

2018-08-04 20:25:27 145 ℃

Small is 12 years old and has been living in the country with his grandparents, and parents have been working outside the home for their livelihood.

It’s only recently that Otaru always feels that the stomach is unbearable, and there are some symptoms of bleeding in the lower body. Grandparents think that it is the little girl who came to the age of the first menstrual period, the body is uncomfortable and normal, so let Xiaoxiao leave home.

But, after a week or so, the symptoms of bleeding under the small sputum have not been alleviated, and it is obviously aggravated. Grandparents have to call and call Xiaoyan’s mother to come back. What is going on? My mother also thinks that her daughter is a menarche. She has a menstrual period. She didn't want to check it. She couldn't stand the urging of the old man. She still took her daughter to the hospital. But the result of the test made her collapse!

After a doctor’s examination, the doctor discovered that Xiaoyan is not a menarche. Strong> But there are "foreign objects" in the body.

From the perspective of gynecological examinations, foreign bodies should exist more than one day and two days, but the parents of Xiaoyan were not discovered in time, and they were treated as menstruation.

The doctor found that the foreign body has been firmly adhered to the surrounding mucous membrane. If forced separation will not only cause major bleeding, but also cause severe pain, the doctor has to arrange the small sputum to be hospitalized, followed by surgery. The room took foreign bodies by anesthesia.

Finally, after three hours of surgery, the doctor finally took out the foreign body, but did not expect it to be Two chalks!

Oh, the mother who knows the result, was fainted on the spot, how could this thing appear here?

Small mother immediately found a teacher, but the teacher said she did not know.

After some conversation, Xiaoxiao’s mother learned that it was Xiaoxiao’s playing games with other children in the school. According to the study on TV, she didn’t think so much.

Because my parents are not around, I often play with other children. Maybe I saw the program on TV inadvertently.

Finally, Otaru was also scheduled for further treatment, but this incident does not know what effect it will have on the child.

It must be said that parents are very important to their children’s education and must be the most correct for their children. guide. To achieve the standard, children can grow healthily.