My parents lived in my house for 10 years with my nephew, but I went back to the demolition and relocation.

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My parents lived in my house for 10 years with my nephew, but I went back to the demolition and relocation.

2018-08-05 10:25:02 159 ℃

My husband and I bought a house and gave it to my parents. The old man divided the demolition into 4 points.

Because I have just experienced the same problem recently, I feel it is necessary to discuss it. . This is the case. Our newly built house is in a remote area on the outskirts of the city. It has not yet been developed. It was considered to be more cost-effective. The parents were still at work. Only the husband was working hard there. The father went there once. After sending 10 root trees, no one was consultant. After the renovation, my child needs to be supervised and take over the retired parents. It takes about a year to work. Because of the work, the family of three moved to the dormitory and the house was left to the second old man.

Time passed quickly, and we stayed in the unit for 10 years, the price of the city However, it has been repeated several times. Parents are studying in the city with their nephews. When they visit them on holidays, their parents will also prepare some food for their grandchildren. However, this wonderful thing will be stopped with the house.

Although the wind of the levy has been blowing for a long time, it has been a small thunderstorm, and we have not deliberately paid attention to it. Together with trusting parents, we gave it to them for treatment. I didn’t expect my father to use it quietly. Our real estate license was processed by a power of attorney. After the collection of the money, we did not know it. Until the house was demolished, the parents notified us to move things and collect money.

The father made the levy into four, brother, parents, sister, each of us, When we heard this answer, we felt very angry. When we built the house, nobody cares about it. Now all the money has come out. My father said it: He has lived here for so long, and he has merits. It should be given to him. His daughter should have a share of his life. Not to mention his brother, it is a matter of course to take care of him. . We argued on the spot that we had unequal treatment given to us by our father. The father who was angry and angered called the pungent daughter, pointing at the nose and swearing that I was a "animal" who rebelled against my parents. I am very angry, but I also care about my parents' high age. I am afraid that because of the jokes about property, I will quietly accept the troops.

My husband said: I can take care of my nephew, and I can’t give it to my sister. I say that property rights are mine. I don’t discuss it with me. The mediation is not handed over to the court. I have not persuaded this time, and patience is limited. If this is the property of the father, how do you want to distribute it, I have no right to arbitrarily, and it is difficult to live for a long time to change the property rights. Finally, we decided to pay tribute.

A group of friends and relatives persuaded them to be ineffective. It was only the father’s jealousy. He did not believe that we dare to disobey. He, finally, I called to hear the final answer. My father was on the phone and I yelled at my six parents. I was extremely insulting. I only faintly said, "What is the final decision? If you do not let it go, then the court will see it. The law pays attention to the evidence. After the father screams and screams, let other people give me a reply. If you have already given it, you don’t want to go back. Only the part that belongs to him can return it to me, but the mother has some forgetfulness and some money to give her a fund. For the sake of family harmony, I gave in, but in my father's opinion, it was still a big filial piety.

Everyone loves money, but the father's approach makes me chilly, and my parents always love the poor ability. Children, everyone wants everyone to be as affectionate as he is. In his opinion, it is just egalitarianism, but how can this approach be fair to children who are working hard? You can be free and happy, but I will share it with you. Resources, ending, who is willing to do so Going hard?

The father said: I have been working hard for my whole life, and he has not swallowed it. I replied: Wrong, you are for my brother and sister. My husband is just bringing you big. You are all deliberate. For them to plan, I am not a hard-hearted heart, but your powerful way violates my rights, there is a difference between enduring and accepting, I hope that your pains can get a good return.