What wonderful requirements did your wife ask when I was pregnant with my baby? Netizen: Where did your husband buy it?

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What wonderful requirements did your wife ask when I was pregnant with my baby? Netizen: Where did your husband buy it?

2018-08-19 00:25:18 168 ℃

Pregnant child is a problem that most women have to face. For women, pregnancy is a big challenge. During this period, female friends will undergo subtle changes in both mental and physical conditions. Sometimes I will ask you unreasonable demands. What wonderful requirements did your wife say to you when I was pregnant? Netizen: Where did your husband buy it?

Wai Dabao wants to eat ice cream during the whole pregnancy. I don't eat it once a year. Now I am pregnant with a second child. I feel awkward when I smell it. I am nausea. Don’t let me cook. It’s not enough to think of raw meat.

When I was pregnant, I especially wanted to eat the fresh oysters, but there are only two stores left in the Xianshangxian store. It’s still far from my home. I will let the old public car go to the mall after work. After a long time, I stopped the car and bought it. I didn't want to eat it. It didn't feel like the original taste.

Too cherries in winter, no one sells in the big supermarkets in the city. My husband quickly bought the next day at Tmall Supermarket, that night. Did not sleep, crying in the middle of the night, my husband was anxious to ask me what happened, I said I would like to eat cherries [laughing crying] [smile crying] [smile crying], four pounds of cherries arrived, eat two not to eat. In a few days, I want to eat squid and stir-fry broccoli. My husband bought it at the seafood market at five o'clock in the morning. I told me to get up and eat it. When I got out of the house, I smelled the garlic, spit it... and went back to sleep. My husband is almost going to collapse.

When I was pregnant, I suddenly wanted to eat Guilin rice noodles. I didn’t have it in Henan. So I bought dozens of bags online. I think I can eat it every month. Later, I ate two bags and left. All expired... I think I want to eat zucchini cake, so I do it myself, take a bite and feel sick, and throw it away.

I remember that when I was pregnant for more than seven months, I suddenly wanted to eat sugar and fried chestnut at night. My husband said that it was bought tomorrow, I was crying. While crying and rubbing his legs - "I want to eat now", my husband looked at me with a stunned look, grabbed the car key and went out! It’s really funny to think about it now.

I am from the northeast. When my lover is pregnant, there is no special requirement, that is, I can eat. When I was pregnant for about seven months, it was summer, half a watermelon, and a fruit plate. I washed a few clothes in the bathroom. When I came out, the skin was skin, and the child was eating.

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