Do you know that you are pregnant? Bao Ma: The adopted woman touched my stomach and said that there is a sister in it!

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Do you know that you are pregnant? Bao Ma: The adopted woman touched my stomach and said that there is a sister in it!

2018-08-19 10:25:27 156 ℃

Pregnant is a surprise, and this surprise will come unexpectedly, even if your pregnancy time is very accurate, but it is only when you are not paying attention. This is why some people have not seen the results for a long time, but instead After being naturally pregnant, it can be said that it is self-contained! So, did you know that you were pregnant? Who is the first time you told me after pregnancy?

My grandmother is in my hometown. Every month, my husband and I will go back and give her a snack of milk. Once she suddenly said that it will take you a long time to come back to see me. I said how it would be, every time I I will see you in the month. When I go back in the evening, my adoptive daughter also touches my stomach and says that my mother has a younger sister. I have to buy a pregnancy tester. I really have it.

A baby who has only been married for six years. The only pain in this is that I know that when I first detected it, my husband thought that I lied. He believes when the blood test results come out. When the b-ultrasound display is two, the mouth is licking to the root of the ear, excited that he did not sleep for one night! Husband has been on the Internet to check, suddenly asked me in the middle of the night, the baby they are several sacs, several placentas. I am afraid that there is a conjoined body, and I am afraid of hemolysis... I will not sleep until I explain it one by one. Now the child is over 1 year old, twin daughters, one long like him, one long like me.

I measured my mother's nephew three days before pregnancy and said that I am pregnant and dreamed that you are pregnant! After three days I measured my pregnancy! Before I was born, my oldest sister said that I was dreaming that you were born! Two days later, I was really born two months before the expected date of delivery!

I don't believe in pregnancy, even I don't believe it myself, Taobao bought a lot of pregnancy test paper , measure two every day, see the color from shallow to deep, and finally convince yourself to believe!

Share from netizens I can feel their happiness, full of positive energy, and may not think about future responsibilities before I have children. But when I know that I want to be a father or mother, the sense of responsibility bursts out instantly, and I think a lot more than before. Pros who have this kind of mood are worthy of praise, so let’s see how many respectable and lovely Bao Dabao moms! Since there are so many netizens sharing their experiences during pregnancy, you are welcome to dear, please tell us about your situation, or who did you tell them the first time? Feel free to leave your experience in the comments section.

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