Ten pictures let you understand how the fetus was slowly bred, and every mother should look at it.

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Ten pictures let you understand how the fetus was slowly bred, and every mother should look at it.

2018-09-13 20:25:10 155 ℃

The birth of a pregnant mother is a very magical process. Although this process is particularly magical, few mothers really know how the baby was born. The following picture shows the baby being bred. The whole process, after reading, really feels that life is really amazing, mothers are also great, every mother should look.

The following is the development of the baby in October.

1. In January, the baby weighs about 1 gram, At this time, the baby has not yet formed, and the mothers do not have much reaction. Many mothers did not realize that they were pregnant during the first month of pregnancy.

2. In February, the baby weighs about 4 grams, some pregnant mothers will have this time. Pregnancy reaction, pregnant mother can add some vitamin C at this time, can inhibit morning sickness.

3. In the third month of pregnancy, the baby weighs about 20 grams, this time is an important period for the development of the baby's bones and muscles. Mother should add more magnesium and vitamin A.

4. In April, the baby weighs about 120 grams. The main supplement at this time is zinc. At this time, the child's brain and heart will develop rapidly, and the zinc element is very important.

5. In May, the baby weighs about 250-300 grams, The baby's bones have begun to grow, but the five-month period is the most critical period for the baby's bone growth. During this period, Bao Ma will give the body more calcium, so that it can follow the baby's development, in addition to the usual Need to eat more foods containing vitamin D.

6. In June, the baby weighs about 600-700 grams, this time, whether it is a pregnant mother or a fetus The demand for nutrition has increased a lot. At this time, Bao Ma is very easy to qi and blood deficiency, so in order to prevent the emergence of anemia, Bao Ma should add more iron.

7. In July, the baby weighs about 1000-1200 grams, when the baby is in July, the baby’s brain The nerve tissue is developing rapidly. If you want to make your baby smarter, you should pay more attention to eating more brain food this month, which is good for your baby's brain and vision development.

8. In August, your baby weighs about 1700 grams. At this time, the baby begins to store sugar in the liver and under the skin. And fat, so this time the mother should eat a little more staple food to give the baby energy.

9. In September, the baby weighs about 2500 grams. At this time, my mother’s pregnancy is very big. The action is very inconvenient, and constipation often occurs. Mothers should eat more digestible food.

10. In October, the baby weighs about 2700~3300g. Although the mother is about to be born at this time, the nutrition still needs to be kept up, and it must be timely. The supplement of thiamine, if it is missing, will prolong the labor process, and my mother will eat more deep-sea fish at this time.