It’s not that your baby is not smart. It may be that these nutrients are missing.

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It’s not that your baby is not smart. It may be that these nutrients are missing.

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"My child always loves to go to class, and his concentration is not concentrated." "My child is watching Very clever but poor academic performance." "My child is too stupid, the reaction is that the children without neighbors are fast." ... Parents often complain that their children are stupid and disappointing, but this may not be because the child's IQ is problematic. Some children have poor grades, but they have found that their IQ is much higher than their peers. Maybe, your child is malnourished. The words "malnutrition" sound like we are far away from us in modern society. After all, now everyone can have enough food, fish is not lacking, and their children have a meal. Eating a few bowls of rice is also malnourished? Yes, parents need to think about what they usually eat for their children.

1, the child has a temper and is hyperactive. The child's mood changes quickly, and the naughty change will be happy for a while. Parents think that it is the child's nature, and don't care, but the child may also lack vitamin B.

2, the child is unresponsive. The child is slow to respond, and he is always on the road for learning. This may not be because the child has low IQ, but lacks iron and lacks protein. Iron deficiency can affect children's cognition and learning ability, and protein as an important component of cells, brain cells are not enough nutrition, how can children become smarter?

3, the child is always sick. If the child is sick, the parents may think that the child is born with a weak body and the recent infectious disease is high. However, if children lack protein, they will have very poor resistance to epidemics, reduced immunity and are prone to illness.

4, child constipation, bad breath. This is the child's dietary fiber nutrition is not enough, give your child some coarse grains, vegetables.

5, the child is stupid, loves to get sick. Mothers give calcium to children every day, want to make children grow taller, but do you want to supplement zinc? Zinc is a very important trace element in the human body and has a great effect on many metabolisms in the body. Zinc deficiency affects the child's physical development, brain development, and decreased immunity.

In addition, there are many vitamins and trace elements that are inextricably linked to the child's physical growth. If you feel that your child is "stupid", don't complain, take the child to the hospital to check, is the child malnourished, need to add vitamins. Although the standard of living is high now, you can buy anything you want to eat, but you can't eat meat for your children all the time. You need to eat vegetables, fruits, fish and shrimp to ensure a balanced diet. In many varieties, not in quantity, otherwise it will It is counterproductive, and eating too much makes the child malnourished.

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