One month after the birth, the husband will be in the same room, the treasure mother does not agree, the words of Bao Da are speechless!

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One month after the birth, the husband will be in the same room, the treasure mother does not agree, the words of Bao Da are speechless!

2018-09-14 00:25:25 101 ℃

After the baby is born, the novice Baoma and Baobao are really busy, and the warm and romantic world of the two is out of reach. But after Bao Da and Bao Ma slowly adapt and learn to take care of the little baby, how to live a good life is put on the agenda.

Especially Bao Da, after enduring the whole pregnancy, the idea will be more intense. But for Bao Ma, the pain that has just experienced the birth, plus the side cut wound, is still very scary for that aspect. At this time, I need Bao Dao to be more caring and more understanding. I believe that after everything returns to normal, the husband and wife People will also get back the feeling of the past.

But some dads only care about themselves, and they don’t think about the feelings of Bao’s mother. Netizen Lulu’s mother said: I am a child, my child just had a full moon, my husband is going to, because there is a side cut wound plus a pain during delivery, which leads to some fear in that aspect, so that I can shirk it, but my husband said " Laozi is not rare." I can't forget how sad it was at the time!

And another caesarean section of the mother also has this confusion: I am a Caesarean section, it is reasonable to say that it should wait two months to three months to be in the same room. But my husband just wants, I don't agree, he is angry with me, I don't know what to do.

In fact, for the mother of the birth, the child’s damage to the mother’s various organs is very large, generally The outer organs can be recovered in more than 10 days, but the uterus takes 42 days to return to normal size, and the endometrial wounds can be completely healed 56 days after delivery, so it is best to have the same room 56 days after delivery.

The caesarean section takes longer because of the wound factor. Generally, 42 days after the cesarean section, the new mother will go to the hospital for postpartum examination, and the doctor will confirm the wound healing and the discharge of the lochia. Under normal circumstances, as long as the new mother's lochia stops, the knife edge recovers well, and the new mother feels that her body has basically recovered, she can restore her husband's life. This time is usually 100 days after childbirth.

So, if Bao Da insists on the same room before this time, it is very easy to cause Bao Ma infection, think about treasure Mom was still breastfeeding at that time, and I still have to take care of the baby day and night. You can still understand a lot of treasures. This is what a responsible man should do!