The kindergarten boy took the girl to sleep, the teacher took out a photo, and the netizen went to the frying pan...

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The kindergarten boy took the girl to sleep, the teacher took out a photo, and the netizen went to the frying pan...

2018-09-14 00:25:25 109 ℃

Children go to kindergarten is really a hot topic. No matter what happens in school, parents are the first ones to pay attention to. This is really a time when parents are reluctant to leave their children. I feel that children are not at home, everywhere. The injured person, because the child is a weak group, more people will pay attention to them.

Now many children are taking a lunch break at school at noon, not only that, but also the camera is installed in the place where they have lunch break. No matter what happens, they can know very clearly. The school is afraid of any bad situation, so we can only use this method. One day at noon, during the lunch break, the teacher took a picture of the children sleeping and sent them to the group of parents. Someone was unhappy.

This is the case. Students are taking a lunch break at school because everyone is taking a nap in a classroom. In this way, the children can also have a collective consciousness from an early age. When the teacher just shoots, a little boy sits up and covers the little girl next to him. This teacher feels particularly meaningful and shoots it, and sends it to the group. The result is caused. The parents’ dissatisfaction, the child’s parents went to the school to ask the situation, the teacher also explained it very seriously, and the parents were very embarrassed at the moment. It turned out that the teacher and the child were wrong.

The little boy is a more sensible child in the class. Sometimes he will take care of the classmates when he is not asleep. When he saw the girl's leg exposed, he got up and covered her with a quilt. As a result, the teacher saw it and took it. Then the later things happened. After the teacher explained it clearly, the parents also apologized, as long as there was nothing wrong with the parents. I am relieved.

This teacher also said that since the child was sent to the school, naturally it would not let the child do something, this is also The basic trust of both sides, we should praise the children for such good deeds, and hope that parents can understand the cause and effect of the matter and make decisions later. Of course, this child has also been praised by everyone.