Two-year-old, three-year-old will send the baby to the kindergarten, parents who know the truth, I hope you don't regret it.

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Two-year-old, three-year-old will send the baby to the kindergarten, parents who know the truth, I hope you don't regret it.

2018-09-14 00:25:28 103 ℃

When the child arrives at the age of the kindergarten, what is the age of the kindergarten? That is: at this age, everyone is going to kindergarten, and my baby should be on.

When the baby goes to kindergarten, after the kindergarten, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. The parents also have different opinions.

@大车教练 : My family is two years old and wants to send kindergarten, but the family unanimously opposes, saying that the child is too small, don't worry, it will be easy to catch a cold when going to kindergarten. When I take the child, I am alone. Now I have the right to decide but have no right to speak. .

@网: Look at the tears, can't stand the cry of the child, what should I do when my daughter goes to kindergarten? She couldn't leave me for a while. There were kindergarten teachers to recruit students a few days ago. My daughter was still young. Just two years old, my daughter couldn't go, she was going to be with her mother. I still want to send it bigger, the teachers are not taking care of it, and I have to manage so many children.

@118: I am finally 3 years old. I have brought my child for so long. The teacher can help me with it. I must go shopping for skin care.

@From Snow Mountain: My daughter is going to kindergarten soon. I feel a little anxious. It should be that I think more, and I don’t know if she can adapt to school life. But is such a small child really suitable for a person to be separated from his family for a long time? Does this separation anxiety really affect children?

@蹦跶: Those parents who are not willing to send their baby to kindergarten, not the children can not be separated from the parents, but the parents are reluctant to let the children grow up, watching the children The road went farther and farther, leaving my parents watching behind.

actually see this When I left the message, I suddenly thought that Wang Yuan’s mother, Li Yufang, was crying in the face of the media some time ago. She said that if there is a choice, she will never let the children enter the entertainment circle. His mother decided to let Wang Yuan enter the entertainment circle. It was deprived of the child's childhood. With Wang Yuan's constant fire, his parents also felt the empty nest life in advance.

It is true that when the child’s growth and achievements far exceed the parents’ perceptions, this difference in parents’ parents is born.

Before I saw a story, a pair of parents had to let the children go to the kindergarten when they were 5 years old because of the reality of their family. The pressure, the family repeatedly asked, bring their children to 5 years old.

Children don’t go to kindergarten, but in the days of their mothers, mothers have always used their minds, and they have a good understanding with their fathers and children, so that children can pay attention to language training and develop independence. , know how to be grateful, climb mountains and wading to exercise, participate in various sports, often take out the door to go out and broaden your horizons, experience life, all kinds of learning...

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If the parents just think that the child has to be taken for me, then they are sent to the kindergarten. The original intention is not what we want to see! The child is still in a state of parent-child attachment until the age of 3, and does not recommend leaving the parents too long. All behaviors and education should be consistent with the age of the baby! Don't think about your child's education because of your own thoughts!

The best teachers can’t replace the family’s company. Parents’ parenting is the best education for children. The lack of parents is the love of parents. stimulate.

Not attending kindergarten, when is it not important to go to kindergarten, it is important that you care about your child and accompany your child whenever you want, so that your child can Love the kindergarten from the heart, love life, love everything.