Feeding your baby to take medicine like a world war? Four little sisters tell you

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Feeding your baby to take medicine like a world war? Four little sisters tell you

2018-09-14 10:25:39 120 ℃

Baby illness itself is undoubtedly a worry for Mom and Dad. However, it is the baby who resists taking medicine. Have you seen the following medication scenes?

1. What are the common mistakes in feeding your baby?

1, the whole family is dispatched

A lot of mothers worry that they don’t take medicine together. When they take the medicine, a lot of mothers come to a secret number, and my grandparents are coming to the baby’s side. So that you can stand by at any time. When I saw this posture, I burst into tears and shook my body and turned my head to shut up. I didn’t take medicine.

In fact, this kind of situation is very easy to scare the baby. The baby's sick body is uncomfortable, and the whole family is waiting for him to face him. This in itself makes the baby cast a shadow over the medicine.

2, pinch nose irrigation

coercive and tempting, soft and hard, all kinds of reason and a lot of talk are useless, this time a lot Grandma had to say: "You put the baby down, I pinch the nose, you pour the medicine. If you don't take medicine, how can you get sick?"

A family of people gave me a lot of medicine. The result was a lot of crying, and all the medicine went down and all spit it out.

Pinching your nose to take your baby is a mistake. After the baby's nose is blocked, breathing and taking medicine through the mouth, coupled with crying, can easily cause cough. If the liquid enters the respiratory tract, it may cause lung infection.

3, drink with juice, sugar and water

A lot of mothers see a lot of drugs spit out, said to be Tonic to eat. She brought in a lot of orange juice that she usually likes to drink, put the medicine inside, and drank more.

Unless the drug label specifies that breast milk or milk powder can be added to the drug, it is recommended to use a cool white water to dispense the baby. It is not recommended to use juice.

The juice contains a variety of vitamins, which may damage the efficacy of the drug or the ingredients in the drug, and secondly affect the absorption of the drug by the baby's body.

So, what is the correct posture for feeding your baby?

Second, feeding your baby to take medicine.

1, clearly understand the baby's eating habits. If the baby is particularly resistant, tell the doctor clearly, and ask the doctor to decide whether to replace the medicine that is more suitable for the baby.

In fact, many children's drugs now have a fruity or sweet taste that is suitable for your baby's taste, making it easier for your baby to accept. These drugs, unlike their own juices, are tastes that have been scientifically formulated and will not affect the efficacy of the test.

2. Create a relaxed atmosphere.

There are only a few mouthfuls of taking medicine. Try to convince the baby to take medicine together and let the baby recover faster. Smaller babies usually eat the medicine without any reaction. Older babies can encourage their baby to take medicine by reasoning, looking at picture books, cartoons, or good examples of big brothers and sisters around them.

After your baby takes the medicine, don't forget to praise him for doing well. The important thing is that this process requires the patience and persistence of Mom and Dad.

3, with the help of medication artifacts.

Many children's medicines contain a dropper that can be used by parents. With this type of dropper, you can quickly squeeze the medicine into your baby's mouth, so that the time for the baby to resist is shortened, which is much better than the spoon.

At the same time, parents can match the amount of the drug and let the baby squeeze the drug by himself. This process may reduce the baby's resistance by increasing the fun.

4, feeding the baby first bitter and sweet

Although the bitterness of the drug is easy to make the baby repel, but After the bitterness and bitterness, you can prevent the baby from spit out all the medicines that have been eaten before because of the last bitterness.

Tell the baby that this is the most bitter medicine. If you give him a boiled water after eating, it will not be so bitter. It will be sweet next. The baby will understand after eating it a few times.

If your baby vomits immediately after eating, you can add some amount of medicine. If you spit it out within 15 minutes after eating, it is generally not recommended to take medicine. In specific circumstances, you need to remember the name and time of the drug you spit out and consult a doctor.

It is very important to give your baby medicine. Do not arbitrarily give your baby medication, or increase or decrease the medication at will, and stop taking the medicine early. The baby's tender body organs metabolize drugs can cause harm. If you need medication, be sure to consult a doctor and follow your doctor's advice. Also read the drug instructions carefully and strictly follow them.

The usual need to pay attention to is to let the baby eat a balanced diet, wash hands frequently, more outdoor activities, more sun, it will reduce the probability of getting sick. The babies are healthy and healthy, reducing the need to take medicine.

Do you have any questions about your baby taking medicine? You are welcome to leave a message in the comments section.