The 9-year-old son has closed his eyes forever! Mom is playing mahjong outside, the child is cooking at home.

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The 9-year-old son has closed his eyes forever! Mom is playing mahjong outside, the child is cooking at home.

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The 9-year-old son always closes his eyes! Mothers play mahjong outside, children cook at home

We all know that many women don’t work after they have given birth. They usually take care of themselves because no one takes them at home. However, when a child is a child, he really needs someone to look at it from time to time, but after school, Bao Ma will be a lot easier. Xiao Yu’s son is 9 years old. Every morning, after sending the children to school, they do housework. In the afternoon, they play mahjong with other children’s parents. As a result, the children will cook at home one day because the poisoned son will always close his eyes.

Xiao Yu was originally a woman who was envied by many treasure moms. She has not been working since she married her husband. After her pregnancy, his husband is very good to her, because Xiaoyu's husband is doing business, so the economy has been very moist, basically as long as Xiaoyu wants her husband to satisfy her. After giving birth to a son after marriage, Xiao Yu’s husband also asked the family to have an hourly worker to clean the housework every week, so Xiao Yu barely needed to work at home.

But it’s because there is nothing to do, so Xiaoyu soon learned to play mahjong. At the beginning, her husband She was also advised to find something meaningful to do, but Xiao Yu gave up after doing some things, and her husband thought that his son was so big, regardless of Xiao Yu. However, although playing mahjong Xiaoyu is still very concerned about his son, as long as his son wants to eat anything, he will do it for him, so Xiao Yu’s husband will play mahjong every day by Xiao Yu. On this day, Xiao Yu didn't know what the situation was, and he always lost. After his son left school, he would ask him to find something to eat first. He would win the game at home.

Xiao Yu’s son, although 9 years old, never took a meal. He didn’t know what to eat after he got home. Just saw that there was no instant noodles, so I thought I would cook it myself, and then I would wait for my mother to come back and cook. After eating, Xiao Yu’s son began to write out his homework. After writing for a while, he fell asleep on the table. He didn’t expect to forget the gas when he cooked the noodles. The Xiaoyu son who fell asleep was not poisoned by gas. People know.

It’s been until Xiaoyu’s husband came home to find that his son was not poisoned. He quickly called an ambulance to send the child to him. In the hospital, Xiao Yu also rushed to the hospital after getting the situation, but the doctor said that the child had already been saved. Xiao Yu heard it and fell to the ground and cried. She now knows that she is late, and her husband is divorced after listening. Such a person who indulges mahjong even his son’s life and death, her husband is also very chilling!