At 5 o'clock in the morning, pregnant women made an incredible thing after giving birth to a child in the hospital alone.

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At 5 o'clock in the morning, pregnant women made an incredible thing after giving birth to a child in the hospital alone.

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At 5 o'clock in the morning of September 16, a retired doctor's hospital in Guizhou came to a pregnant woman, but this pregnant woman gave birth to a child in the hospital. But made an unexpected thing.

It can be seen from the monitoring that the pregnant woman arrived at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning. Although her attitude was relatively calm, her condition was very urgent after being examined by a doctor.

Deputy Chief Physician of Guizhou Retirement Physician Hospital said that Gongkou had already opened five centimeters. She came to other hospitals because she came with a hospital wristband sign because every patient came with a sign.

Pregnant women need to enter the delivery room for production immediately, but when the doctor asks her for personal information and family status, she refuses to answer.

Deputy Chief Physician of Guizhou Retirement Physician Hospital: She said that she had no money, and she was not allowed to pay her money at that time. Let her provide an ID number and her real name. The first is to go through the admission procedure and prepare for her future birth certificate. But the mother refused to provide it. She provided a name and did not know if it was true. of.

Although the behavior of pregnant women is weird, the situation is urgent, and the doctor decided to send her to the delivery room to deliver the baby. Because it is a relatively fast second birth, a baby girl is delivered at 6:30, the newborn is only 2kg, which is 4 kg of weight, which is a low birth weight in the hospital. Because the mother was not prepared when she came, the hospital also prepared diapers, clothes and other supplies for the children.

Deputy Chief Physician of Guizhou Retirement Physician Hospital said that at about 9:30, one of her friends sent a can When the milk powder and a bottle come over, the newborn is fed, and then the friend leaves.

In the post-production time, doctors and nurses will come to the ward regularly to observe the physical condition of the mother. But at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when the bear director came to the ward again, the maternal and the child were gone.

Guizhou Retired Physician Deputy Chief Physician of the hospital: This person left the hospital himself, and took the child away. In the surveillance video of the hospital, you can see that at 3:57 pm, the woman took the child out of the ward and entered the elevator. After arriving at the lobby on the first floor, I walked straight out of the hospital gate and finally disappeared into the surveillance video.

Director Xiong said that although the mother did not pay medical bills, it was a trivial matter, and now she is most worried It is also the safety of maternal and newborn.

It is less than 24 hours after birth. During this period, because the mother is weaker and then fatigued, postpartum hemorrhage is easy to produce within 24 hours after birth. Because the newborn is a low-weight child, the newborn's subcutaneous fat is very thin. And the resistance is very poor, breathing and metabolism are still not perfect. This kind of child is prone to pneumonia, improper feeding, or improper care, all produce hypothermia of the newborn, leading to scleredema and pneumonia.

Director Xiong said that the hospital has decided to waive all the costs of the mother, and now what they want to confirm is Whether the mother and daughter are well-being, hope that the mother or the person who knows the maternal information can give the hospital a safe.

This mother, no matter what reason, please be responsible for the child and your body. Finally, you must give the hospital and doctors a compliment