The child has a bowel movement in the public pool, but the parents are like this. Netizen: shamelessly brushed out a new height.

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The child has a bowel movement in the public pool, but the parents are like this. Netizen: shamelessly brushed out a new height.

2018-09-27 20:25:15 211 ℃

Recently reported on the Internet that such a news is very anxious for children, and the rogue parents have such words and deeds?

Parents bring their children to swim in the swimming pool. Before the child gets into the water, the staff asks the children under 3 to wear diapers when they get into the water. Prevent children from incontinence during swimming and urinate into the pool.

The parents feel that it doesn't matter. They think that their children are very embarrassed and ask their children not to wear diapers to get into the water. The attitude is tough. In desperation, the staff had to let the family get into the water.

Unexpectedly, during the swimming process, the child suddenly climbed to the pool to pull the stool. The water in the pool was instantly "contaminated". Other parents saw the water in the pool dirty, and they pulled their children ashore. The parents who took the children to swim in the back, after seeing this situation, left.

After causing a lot of damage to the store, the merchant asked the parents to compensate for the loss of 1,000 yuan. This parent is playing a role, who can prove that my child is pulling stool, I don't know? I vowed to say that if my child is pulling, I am willing to lose money.

Unscrupulous employees have checked the monitoring in the store and confirmed what the child is doing.

Then the parents said that the pool staff was not well supervised and did not prevent the child from pulling the stool. I don't know, attitude. Bad rejection of compensation.

Employees saw the attitude of parents and had to deal with the police.

After the police understand the process, they believe that this parent should be responsible and should pay compensation.

Under the helplessness of the parents, they are only willing to pay 100.

The clerk does not Agree, continue to mediate with this parent.

When the child's mother appeared, her behavior was stronger than the child's father. She said that the child is not sensible, has no self-control, and does not have to lose money. The police still believe that although the child does not have the ability to self-control, but the parent's supervisory responsibility is not in place, it should be responsible.

Then the mother began to scatter, saying that I am a pregnant woman, who dares to move me, the fetus is aborted, and you can't afford it. The clerk was scared and asked the boss to come over.

After the boss came, in order not to expand things, I agreed to let them pay 100 pieces as a cleaning fee. The rest of the loss is borne by myself.

Look at the hot comments of netizens

@Yue Hang Orange: Chiaki parents have a lot of Uncultivated parents and children are not a good breed. This shameless parent has brushed up a new height.

@A330丫丫: It’s so disgusting, this is really shameful to the parents, the quality is too bad, what kind of children will such a rogue parent teach? Really worried about the growth of children.

@Murmu: There is also a bear child in my family. I was arrested in the swimming pool. The security guard buckled him at the security booth. As a result, his parents also took security. Smelly a meal, nosy, too disgusting the family. Later, I can see it well. The bear child’s high-altitude parabolic material has seriously injured people and lost a lot of money. This is the uncultivated end.

@Ninaru: It’s going to be mixed sooner or later. Today, you’re relying on the past 1000. Maybe someday the bear child will cause you a disaster of 101 million. Have a good look.

@opllx-; He is still a child, and if I meet him, I will be slap in the face.

Seeing this, on the surface, this pair of bear parents won, actually will be the child later Values ​​have a huge negative impact.

There is always a kind of illusion that there is a kind of parent who believes that everyone in the world should let their young children, the children's actions, be perfunctory on the grounds of being small. When others have a view of their own children, they will think that others are "not demeanor" and have a small amount of love and care for their children.

But this kind of parent never thought that the child can't get good education in the family from a young age, you Ignore, uncultivated, arrogant, overbearing, and change is the child’s future fearlessness, no one in sight.

Parents are a mirror, what kind of person are you, and the child will approach you what kind of person.

In a few years, the big family will beat their parents.

Even without waiting for the child to grow up, the child’s troubles will make him guilty.

Do you still remember a previous news?

A family in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is eating grilled fish. Because the bears are used to naughty, they also ran around in the restaurant during the meal. The staff told the parents before the incident. Let the children run around, the floor is slippery, and the child is easy to wrestle.

The parents of the children are a little unhappy. They think that the clerk has nostalgia, and he has become a perfunctory person. My children are not afraid of nothing. The children are still active and let him play. Listening to this parent's tone, I really think of the restaurant as my own home.

Not long after, because the bear child was running around in the restaurant, he collided with the grilled fish at the corner of the store, and the high temperature oil was directly scattered on the child, causing the child to be burnt in many parts of the body.

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Parents are the first teachers of their children, and their parents will replicate the same children. Now you don't back the pot, you must back.

Bear children are not born. For children, education is better than parenting. Please pay attention to it

How do you think about this? ?