"I knocked out the child, I won't marry you!" Netizen: Girl, doing a beautiful job! Support you

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"I knocked out the child, I won't marry you!" Netizen: Girl, doing a beautiful job! Support you

2018-09-27 20:25:19 189 ℃

We have a girl, too, pregnant, before the blind date, the wedding ceremony, wedding dresses, etc. are gone, she is still stupid to marry her money to do wedding wedding photos, not to bridesend, the result People don't treat her as a person at all. Now I regret that I want to divorce and I can't bear children.唉

Good job! Many older generations of mother-in-law think that if they are pregnant, they must marry her son, otherwise they will not be married. Then I don’t want to be a daughter of others.

The last time I saw a woman’s pregnancy, the man did not give time for the bride price, and wanted a free daughter-in-law. As a result, the woman went directly to the hospital to have a baby, and then sent the dead baby to the man, saying that she was guilty of returning to the ancestors. She was scared at the time.

There is such a person around me who does not give the bridesmaid to the child and later marry the child and marry someone else. Now the man has no object parents have been trusting the results and did not give the introduction

I know The woman wants thirty-five thousand, and the man is too much. Take the bricks, the woman’s dad’s head is smashed! Retired, now the woman is married to two children, and the man is still a bachelor now.

Before I am unmarried It is the in-laws who are so happy that they will be dying with their sons to come to the door to raise their relatives... This kind of woman who is pregnant and does not give a bride price is not a banquet. Is there a ritual that is not a basic social and faceless family? Most families are even dissatisfied with their daughter-in-law or son-in-law. There are still some etiquettes to be asked.

Act decisively, without dragging water. People who like this personality

Girls want to get married from beginning to end, and may only think that it is a matter of time. The problem is the boys, want to empty gloves white wolf.

A slag, if my son gets married and wants to get married, I won’t give it. Since the two of them have to live a lifetime, what should they do? There should be no less.

I also support the woman’s practice. However, if you can pay more attention before marriage, you can at least guarantee that the initiative is in your own hands. After all, even if you don’t marry each other, it is always a loss for women. /p>

I like this character and stop loss in time. . In our case, the woman is pregnant, and her future family is very happy. She can’t go home the next day. Nowadays, many of them are married, and then one party can't bear it for many years, otherwise it will always be aborted. The final divorce ended.