The two vaccines must be charged before the child is 3 years old. Once infected, there is no specific drug.

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The two vaccines must be charged before the child is 3 years old. Once infected, there is no specific drug.

2018-09-27 20:25:19 187 ℃

Children's vaccination is also a challenge for parents. First of all, we must try our best to take the children to the hospital. This requires parents to spend a lot of thoughts, take turns in various conditions, give ice cream after injection, and watch cartoons... It’s hard to go to the vaccine and see Needle, hear the crying of other children, immediately escape, what are the benefits, holding the parents' thighs is not willing to go in, can only be framed by adults. After the injection was finished, I cried and yelled, I could only lie. The child is crying, do you think this is over? No! Go home and be careful to check your child's condition to avoid discomfort. Therefore, some parents ridiculed that the child had a shot and the parents were tired for a week. However, the vaccine was made for the children, and the parents accepted it. The problem is that there are so many vaccine incidents. Therefore, some parents said that they should not fight at their own expense, and most of the accidents were self-funded vaccines. As a result, the "Changchun Vaccine" incident occurred. Some treasure mothers said that it is heartbreaking to think that the child's painful needles may be white.

But no matter what, the vaccine always has to be hit, it can effectively prevent the disease, and the vaccination is also a child. Voucher before entering the park. Therefore, a type of free vaccine prescribed by the state must be hit. As for the second-class vaccine, a treasure mother told you that the two types of vaccines are best used.

1, rotavirus vaccine

Symptoms: high fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Viral myocarditis, pneumonia, encephalitis, and septic shock may occur in severe cases. No specific medicine.

Bao Ma said that his family’s children were infected with rotavirus last year. At first, the child was only a common cold symptom, and Bao Ma didn't take it too seriously, just giving her child some cold medicine. The next day, the child began to vomit, diarrhea, and mental discomfort, and Bao Ma quickly took the child to the hospital to hang it. In the next few days, the child has been diarrhea, 10-20 times a day, adults can only wait for the child to recover, no medicine to eat.

2, enterovirus 71 inactivated vaccine (hand, foot and mouth disease)

Symptoms: It is similar to the symptoms of a cold and continues to have a high fever, and then herpes and ulcers appear in the mouth and hands and feet. A small number of children will have complications such as myocarditis, pulmonary edema, and aseptic meningoencephalitis. No specific medicine.

Bao Ma said that the child was infected with hand, foot and mouth disease this summer. It was also a cold symptom at first, and it was always high fever. After taking Merrill for a few hours, it had a high fever. Wait until the bubble in the child's mouth is ulcerated and the fever is gone. The child's mouth hurts and refuses to drink water and refuses to eat. He always wants the mother to ask for comfort, so that the mother can feel bad. The virus that causes hand, foot and mouth disease is Coxsack Group A (CA16), Echovirus, etc., so even if you vaccinate, you may get hand, foot and mouth disease, and the vaccine is to reduce the probability of getting sick.

Before the baby is 3 years old, it is a high-risk group of these two diseases, so parents still need to pay for their children.