The 16-year-old girl’s factor palace was broken and died, the doctor told the truth, and the parents cried tears.

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The 16-year-old girl’s factor palace was broken and died, the doctor told the truth, and the parents cried tears.

2018-09-28 20:25:20 165 ℃

The 16-year-old flower-like years are supposed to be the happiest moments, but unfortunately they have come to this girl. Xiaoli is 16 years old. She is smart and very long. She is very good at learning from small to big. The teachers like her very much. However, Xiaoli detected the uterine fibroids. My father didn't understand it. He thought that such a small child would get this disease. He suspected that the child would not live in check and yelled at the child. But then the doctor told him that the child was caused by irregular diet, the main reason is still in the adults, after listening to the doctor, the parents bowed their heads. Because of the economic problem, the father just found a health clinic with a relatively cheap fee to remove the fibroids. After he finished, he went home and did not continue the follow-up treatment. Then Xiaoli went straight to school. After a year, her daughter’s stomach suddenly rose a little. She began to think that her daughter was getting fat, but her daughter’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, and her father thought that she was pregnant and had a daughter. a slap. I took Xiaoli to the last hospital to find a doctor again, but the doctor did not dare to leave, let them go to a bigger hospital, and because of the economy, half a month has not enough money to go to the city to see a doctor, this Xiaoli’s stomach is already very big.

Suddenly one day, Xiaoli shocked, and the parents took the child to the hospital urgently. Although the doctor urgently rescued, he could not save it. Xiaoli’s life, the doctor told her parents, Xiaoli was not treated because of the last operation, and then developed into cervical cancer, and because the last surgical wound did not completely heal, the uterine cavity has too much fluid, the uterine cavity Breaking through leads to the tragedy. Upon hearing the doctor's explanation, the father held the daughter's body and worked hard on tears.

Parents are the biggest dependencies of their children. As parents, you should trust your children. When children have difficulties, the first thing they think of is their own. Parents, but what this parents have done, because there is no money, because they do not believe in their daughter, and finally ruined the daughter's life, the price is really a bit too big. Even if you can shed tears, will the child come back?

The trend of rejuvenation of patients with uterine fibroids is now more and more obvious because now The girls have developed early, and the girls before the age of sixteen and seven will come to the menarche, but now the girls are coming at the age of eleven. There are also our usual eating habits. Most of the chickens, ducks and fish we eat now are fed with hormone-added feed. However, long-term consumption of estrogen can cause a series of diseases, including uterine muscles. Hormone-dependent diseases such as tumors.

Things about the health of children are big things. Parents should check the treatment for their children for the first time. Parents should also worry about their daily diet. It is the primary responsibility of parents to give children safe and healthy food as much as possible, and to ensure the health of the child is the greatest wish of the parents.