When I was having children, the 5 major anecdotes, the doctor looked funny, and the pregnant mother looked blushing.

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When I was having children, the 5 major anecdotes, the doctor looked funny, and the pregnant mother looked blushing.

2018-09-28 20:25:20 177 ℃

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For many pregnant mothers, happy from the early pregnancy, Or suddenly, to gradually adapt, and later experienced vomiting, and experienced a little bit of growth in the stomach, and gradually have a happy process of fetal fetal movement, of course, will also experience backache and leg pain.

At the end, I’m finally welcoming me, the moment the child is born! Many mothers are nervous.

To everyone, when you have children, those sly and funny things will let the mothers relax and let everyone know about some things at this time.

1, vaginal hair

When a child is born, the hair of the genitals needs to be shaved. The medical term is called skin preparation. So, you will find that the nurse will come to you to shave your hair, don't feel shy at this time! She will give you some talcum powder or soapy liquid, then brush it with a knife and scrape it down.

This is to facilitate the exposure of the vaginal opening when the child is born. At the same time, after disinfection, avoid infection when giving birth. Therefore, it is necessary to take off the fur.

2, stripped light

Last seen someone saw it Go to the child's post, then ask, ah? Giving birth to children is to get rid of the light! Many people didn't know it! Then come to the science!

Yes, when giving birth to children, mothers, the lower body must be stripped of light, then climb to the bed, with two legs on it, of course you can grab it, because when you have children Use force!

This is convenient for students! Don't watch the TV series, I thought it was covered with a quilt!

Khan, the TV series can't always face the actress's lower body!

3, pull stools on the bed

For many maternal mothers, it is very embarrassing to pull a stool on the bed, and many people are blushing. Although it was too large before, there may still be a few maternal women who are really pulling stools when they are producing. And when the contractions are over, there will be a feeling of wanting to have a bowel movement!

In fact, this is not surprising for doctors and nurses in obstetrics. At that time, it was commonplace for them. So, you are not alone, so many people are like you! So, pull it and pull it! They will help you clean up! Just be yourself a three-year-old child!

4, face deformity, no image

When a child is born, Need to force, wait until the end of force, really sweating! The pain of contractions, it is ten pain, the 9th level is sputum, that is, the pain of the ribs being broken! Therefore, being a mother is not easy!

When you have a baby, you have no image! When I tried hard, I didn’t really look good! To die, you have to give birth to your child! Facial deformity! Therefore, everyone is the same, rest assured, the doctor will not see you beautiful at that time, attention is all about whether the child can be born smoothly, to ensure that the mother and child (female) are safe!

5, yelling

There is also a type of maternal Mom, I will yell when I am in pain, doctor, I am going to die! I can't take the doctor! Doctor, I don't want to be born! Doctor, how much time is there! Doctor, I am so dead!

In fact, at this time, the pain is inevitable. Instead of yelling and using your energy, it is better to use it when you are born.

Mothers, maternal mothers, I hope my science can help you! Feel useful, welcome to like it!

I am a nursery lecturer Xu Fang, a pregnant baby for more than 9 years, I look forward to your attention!

You feel the most embarrassing when you are born, welcome to say