Should the child's future be modeled? These three types of parent education methods are rarely implemented.

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Should the child's future be modeled? These three types of parent education methods are rarely implemented.

2018-10-30 20:25:05 212 ℃

The children nowadays say that childhood happiness is really rare. Although it seems that life is much happier than the children of the 1980s and 1990s, there is materially everything, but there are really a few real happiness. Going to school needs to be regulated by the school rules. After returning home, you should listen to the parents' preaching. If you think about it, you will feel pitiful. So how can parents educate their children without losing their happiness?

1, learn to consume

Consumption does not seem to have any impression on the child's growth, usually the parents like to eat the child If you buy something well, or bring your child to the supermarket, let the child choose it by himself. Parents think that even if they exercise their child's shopping ability, this idea is very wrong. The most important part is replaced by the parents. That is the checkout.

To let the children go to checkout, to understand what the price is, and to pay for the purchase, the transaction can be completed. In the eyes of the parents, these things are just like parents. It is not realistic to let a child pay the bill, but over time, the parents will continue to exercise for a period of time, they will find that the child has a financial management concept, and began to learn to save money and buy favorite items.

2, exercise communication

The so-called communication is to let the children learn to express their inner feelings, some children will only get things Crying, the parents are eager to see in their eyes, so communication is very important for the children, but in order to reflect the so-called tutoring, parents will tell the children to be cautious, or when they meet the child’s wrong words, immediately It will be called to criticize a meal in front of it, in fact, this will intensify the child's psychology of communicating fear.

So parents should let the children say more, guide the children to communicate more, and less control, so that the future interpersonal communication of the child is beneficial.

3, release nature

Now the education for children has been advocated to reduce the burden, but in the process of growing up, the biggest The burden is that parents raise their children according to the textbook, and don't let the children eat this. They use various reasons as an excuse to say that you will know the parents' good intentions in the future.

The child has two more moves in the class, saying that the child does not follow the classroom discipline and is not good at listening to the class. In fact, sometimes the child’s behavior is not controlled by himself. It is only curious about the world. Unconsciously attracted by outside things, so the child is moving, sometimes the home remote control car is taken apart, this is his brain performance.

Wise and smart parents encounter problems with children is not blaming, but encouragement, this is the best education for children, parents have done it ?