Obstetrician: It’s hard to bring a child in the future. I can see it in the hospital.

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Obstetrician: It’s hard to bring a child in the future. I can see it in the hospital.

2018-11-02 20:25:07 222 ℃

I have just succeeded in giving birth to a child, and there are no pregnant women around. I will gather with the doctors and nurses to relax.

The obstetrician said: "The child just now was difficult to raise at a glance. He cried so much. The crying face was red, and the family couldn’t hold it. Don't cry."

Nurse Xiaomei said, "No. Later, I took him to take a bath. He also cried a lot. He never saw a child crying so much. He felt that the child grew up. The temper is definitely very embarrassing."

The obstetrician added that "in fact, when the doctor is so many years, the child will take it with you or not. In the hospital, I can see that there are eight out of ten. Some mothers have been inspected for forty-two days later. I told her, how is your child, how surprised, she said, how do you say the doctor? So accurate."

Of course we are very curious, vying to let him know how he knows.

A look at the child’s performance at birth

He said that in fact, it’s hard to bring a child in the future, on the one hand, to see the child’s birth. , that is, personality. These character children were formed in the womb and could not be changed. Don't look at the baby, the performance at the time of birth is also very different.

Some children are quiet and crying with one or two sounds after birth. Looking around, this kind of child is easy to raise at a glance, and the demand is relatively low, so it is good to serve. In general, if you don't get sick and don't get used to it, it's really a matter of feeding. Not particularly uncomfortable. He doesn't cry often, and he is particularly sleepy. It is really a blessing for the mother to meet this low-demand baby.

Some children will not be able to see it as a qi. It’s not easy to cry when you cry for a long time. Just like the one we gave birth to, we will be the poor host in the future. This is not to blame others, who decided in the mother's womb, no one can. For this kind of high-demand baby, mothers only have to take care of them.

Second look at the way parents care when they are in the hospital

The obstetrician added that the child was very gentle when he was born, but he could not stand the parents. A few days ago, was there a maternity woman who had finally given birth to a boy at the age of forty-two? She has two daughters in front of her, and this time I am happy with my family. I went to the house and saw the grandparents and grandchildren wandering around with their grandchildren. Tell them that the newborn let him sleep and sleep quietly, not listening. It is estimated that you have to sleep after you go home.

Nurse nurse Xiaomei answered, "Don't say go home to sleep, I have already hugged in the hospital. Two nights ago, I saw the child's grandmother holding the baby in the hallway." Said that the child does not sleep without holding it, and said that he turned dizzy."

The obstetrician returned "I am right? The newborn is in the first few days or even the first month. Important, especially sleep. If the parents want to hold the child to sleep, the child will not sleep if you open the head. The tired one is the parents themselves."

Your child is good to bring Still difficult to bring? Think about whether there are two reasons for this?