These nine pictures are the reasons why I firmly refuse to let my husband bring the baby.

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These nine pictures are the reasons why I firmly refuse to let my husband bring the baby.

2018-11-07 10:25:11 91 ℃

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At present, many families are widowed child-rearing--the father doesn’t care, he doesn’t have him, the mother does it all. Tired and tired, but Dad occasionally made a whim, took the initiative to help take care of a child, but the result is that the mother wants to cry without tears. Let's use the group map to tell you why the husband is not allowed to bring the baby.

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1, the game is the lifeline, maybe the son is only the system reward Come, it is impossible to temporarily stop the game. Even if you kiss your son, you can't stop their determination to conquer the other highlands.

2, I saw a husband sent a circle of friends: I have been educated since childhood, the boy is a man to learn to smoke, drink and pick up a girl, so that is the winner of life, I really want to kill him along the network cable, stinky man himself "moral corruption", don't teach me to break my pure and lovely baby.

3. Before you go, you have to take care of your children. As a result, I saw that I left, I immediately became a grandfather, and I have to wait for a group of children. Said, men are big pig hooves (I am not cute, my mother loves you).

4, no matter how old a man is, he is like a child who grows up, and the first-class wife leaves like a wild horse that is dislocated, completely liberating himself. Pity, my beggar is regarded as a toy by his unreasonable father. Have you seen the watermelon ninja? I want to auction my husband, starting at 250 yuan, and asking the sisters to send their kindness to the two goods.

5, the mobile phone is a must for the big pig's hoof. One of the weapons, always do not leave, I once suspected that the phone has been smashed to them, how to fascinate this way, do not forget to brush a brush when feeding, I am really worried about the baby!

6, I used the memory master who remembered them for a few cents on weekdays, how to forget the children’s toys and clothes placement all day long. I don't know how many times I told them. Every time I feel like Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease), I have to turn over the whole house, and finally I am cleaning up the mess.

7, our woman took the child earlier than the chicken, slept later than the dog, always put the child's food and clothing in the first place, the result round Going to the uncle, I can sleep well, and I still care about my children. I don’t even cover the quilt. I feel sick and want me to go to the hospital again and again.

8, my husband told me to make an artifact, both to marry the child, but also to cultivate her heroic spirit from a young age, I Seeing that you want to be mad, do you treat your own prostitutes like this, and the ladies I have worked so hard to cultivate are destroyed by you.

9, "Look what you see, wait until your dad finishes eating and say..." This product only cares for the delicious food, but makes the prostitute go hungry. It’s really hard for me to be a prostitute, and I’ve encountered such a ridiculous embarrassment...

I don’t know what your unfamiliar husband has with your child? Welcome to leave a comment in the comment area~(lyj)