After 90, the divorce rate is high, and it is often related to having children.

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After 90, the divorce rate is high, and it is often related to having children.

2018-11-07 20:25:00 94 ℃

As time goes on, the 90s are getting old. After 90, the biggest one in the line is 28 years old. It has already entered the ranks of Pentium III. It is indeed the age of marriage and children, in the circle of friends. I also continually exposed all kinds of wedding photos and sun photos, but the reality is cruel. At the same time that many people are married, there are also many 90s who have stepped into the ranks of divorce. Even some couples’ children have just Learn to call Mom and Dad, they are already divorced, and the family is deeply helpless.

Some people think that the young people are too casual, and regard marriage as a play, but some people think that the young people after the 90s are open, not conservative, not too much about divorce, no matter How, for what reason is the current divorce rate of young people in society so high?

First, the family concept is different

90 parents are basically 60 generations, Due to historical conditions and different growing environments, the concepts between parents and children are very different. It is difficult to reach a consensus in many things. The two generations have different thinking and perspectives on the problem and live under the same roof. It is easy to have family conflicts.

A lot of treasure moms are complaining that when they have given birth to their children, a large number of people around the house will turn around the children. When they give birth to their homes, only the husband will care for themselves, because the husband and wife think that they are daughter-in-law. Is a foreigner, has no blood relationship with himself, the child is his own family, if the two generations of ideas are too different, the postpartum treasure mother's mood is not stable, it is likely to lead to greater contradictions, leading to divorce.

In addition, there is another love. Today’s young people are born after the reform and opening up, and their ideas are also compared. Open, influenced by the West, I feel that having children is a relatively private matter, and it is also a matter between husband and wife. It is not related to other people, and the in-laws believe that having children is related to the succession of the family will continue to urge When you get a child, you can constantly put pressure on young people. Under such a family environment, the "World War" is on the verge of exploding. When it is completely out of the day, it will not be cleaned up, and it will end in divorce.

Second, different social concepts

60 After the parents were educated and grew up from a small environment, they are very concealed in their days. After marriage, Even if two people are found to be unsuitable, there are very few divorce actions. In their conception, divorce is a very shameful thing, and people will lose face.

The young people after 90 are pursuing freedom and independence, if two people are found to be inappropriate or otherwise For what reason, divorce will be proposed. In the concept of young people, divorce is no big deal. The negative impact of divorce is slowly being diluted.