The child loves you to make a great effort, but it is angry.

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The child loves you to make a great effort, but it is angry.

2018-11-07 20:25:00 87 ℃

(In addition to seeking attention, the child’s wrong purpose may also be to fight power with parents, retaliate against parents, or give up on themselves, for young children Most of the behaviors are seeking attention, and there are not too many complicated purposes.)

Is intentional, but the starting point may not be Not good"


Psychology believes that all human behaviors are purposeful. On the contrary, the behaviors of parents are the same. When a child makes a mistake, the parents shout and call again and again. The main purpose of the purpose is to let the child surrender and make himself look very Have awe.

The purpose of letting the child surrender and appearing to be majestic is to make the child "good management", "obedient", "saving things."

The more specific our goals are, the easier it is to get angry. The purpose of this time is to let the children meet their expectations.

This is actually the wrong purpose, because we seem to forget that our goal is to develop a responsible, confident, optimistic, brave child.

In short, we all have a purpose for children to scream, although most people think that it is good for children, but careful analysis is not difficult, we have other purposes, and we can’t control it. But don't want to control. (You can poke here to read I also I don't want to get angry with my children, I really can't control it! Really?).

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