"Spring, autumn and autumn" how to wear clothes, remember this dressing formula, mother does not have to worry about

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"Spring, autumn and autumn" how to wear clothes, remember this dressing formula, mother does not have to worry about

2018-11-07 20:25:05 82 ℃

After the fall, the mother who has a baby at home is very upset. I don't know how to add clothes to my baby. I don't know how to wear cold clothes. I am afraid that my baby is hot. In this case, my mother has to look at the baby's own situation. Wear more when you are cold, and choose to help your baby bring more clothes when you go out.

When I grow up, we often use one sentence to ridicule each other. Kind of cold, called mother thinks you are very cold. In life, many mothers feel that their baby will be cold, always wrap the baby into a small ball, then this method is correct, keep in mind this dressing formula, mother no longer need to use Oh.

A baby under one year old, mother can touch the baby's back neck. If the baby's back neck is warm, the baby's dressing index is very suitable. If the back neck is cold, it means that the mother wants Add clothes to your baby. When the baby's neck is sweating, the mother needs to reduce the clothes for the baby.

The most comfortable temperature for your baby is 26°C, which is the environment. The temperature plus the temperature of the clothes increased by 26 ° C, parents can wear clothes according to this dressing formula for the baby, the temperature difference is big in the morning and evening, most mothers know that when the baby goes out, they will bring more clothes, which is convenient for the baby to change at any time.

What you need to pay attention to your mother is to avoid tight pants, decorative objects, drawstring hoodies, etc. when choosing clothes for your baby. These clothes pose a hidden danger to your baby's safety. If you accidentally fall off your clothes, it will be very dangerous to be eaten by your baby. Tights can cause resistance to your baby's blood circulation, and the consequences can be imagined.

Everything is not absolute, every mom’s idea is different, as long as it is For things that are good for your baby, you can try it. In terms of treating your baby, some mothers will pursue beauty, and they want to make the baby wear beautiful, and some mothers think that they don’t look good. It doesn't matter, the most important thing is the health of your baby. Don't get sick because you wear too much or too little. This is the biggest concern for moms. In fact, mothers should pay more attention to their baby's body and don't use their own ideas. As the leader, the baby's body reacts to the most real situation. It tells the mother whether she is hot or cold.