This bear child has cured the circle of friends: children, you must learn to grow up after all.

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This bear child has cured the circle of friends: children, you must learn to grow up after all.

2018-11-07 20:25:05 93 ℃

Mother Bear and Baby Bear gave us a very vivid lesson.


Editor: Hua Xiaomei

Recently, a small video of less than 3 minutes cured a circle of friends.

This video was taken in Magadan, Russia. In the video, a bear mother climbs a steep snowy mountain with a bear. Mother Bear easily climbed to the top of the mountain, but the bears unfortunately slipped down.

Poor bears continue to climb and know how to follow my mother Footprint, it’s a small machine ghost~

It’s a pity that he fell down inadvertently... Second, getting farther and farther from my mother.

I thought the bear would give up, but it didn't mean to stop, crawling up again and again.

With tenacious perseverance, the bear finally reached the top and went to the distance with her mother happily.

After reading the whole heart, I can’t help but praise this bear child!

Netizens also said that they were cured and motivated by this cute, brave and brave bear. In the face of life, you must be brave and disappointing like a bear.

There is a noteworthy detail, in the process of the bear climbing alone, the bear mother has been flustered. Even if the bear fell to a deep place, she did not mean to help, but stood on the top of the mountain and watched quietly, as if to say: Children, you must learn to grow up!

This is the same as our education of children. We must care for our love and learn to let go, and develop our children’s ability to live independently and think independently. Only then can children face the challenges of life independently and problem.

Some roads can only go by themselves. Love is worrying and letting go.

Life, that is, not to give up in a difficult situation, it is fate to play tricks again and again, and never compromise.

Mom bear and baby bear, this gave us a very vivid lesson.