The boy grabbed his mother's neck in public: Why did so many children become white-eyed wolves?

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The boy grabbed his mother's neck in public: Why did so many children become white-eyed wolves?

2018-11-09 20:25:15 266 ℃


A few days ago, there was a video on the Internet. After reading it, I was angry and sad.

A 12-year-old boy broke the items in the teahouse and wanted her to compensate him. Mom therefore educated him, but did not expect that this child actually caught the mother's neck on the spot!

After the mother’s friend stopped, it’s embarrassing that the mother and the child did not separate each other for a long time.

Someone said that this child If it is mine, I promise to kill him!

There was a mother’s comment that was heartfelt: how many white-eyed wolves were born because parents were too children to be friends.


I especially remember a grandmother who was at home with a baby a few years ago.

At the time we played together on the slide. The grandmother took a baby about three years old, about fearing that he would slide down too fast. Grandma caught him early, and the child was not happy and began to lose his temper.

Grandma is holding his desperate appeasement, who knows that the child is slap in the face of a grandmother.

Everyone has blamed the child’s behavior. Who knows that Grandma’s response is “all right, our family is like this, friends are average, and they are used to it.”

Friends in general? Be friends with your child! Do you have any misunderstanding about this!


In life, there are too many people who follow the concept of "being a friend with a child", so -

Never raise a heavy word when raising a child.

When a child makes a mistake, he never blames it.

Everything is fun.

He is really taking a child as a friend, but the child is taking him as a fool.

Some people say that it is not wrong to be a friend with a child, because even small children need respect, and all our family is a child.


I have a friend who is currently working in the middle of the class and has not yet reported a complete interest class to the child.

Why should I emphasize integrity? Because his children have been painting lessons, piano lessons, swimming lessons, baseball lessons, etc. for a period of time, no more than three months.

My friends looked at me confusedly. They were all chosen by the children themselves. I liked it when I was trying my class.

We often overlook a problem. The child's choice is mostly from the perspective of being more self-sufficient and limited to the feelings of the time. For example: Today he likes this teacher very much, so when you ask him "Will we come next time?", he naturally nods; or the child who is trying out the class together with him can play with him, so the subconscious There is also the idea that I will continue to play with this kid next time.

In fact, when we are preparing for the class, the factors to be considered will be considered in addition to the child’s interest. , price, time and convenience of pick-up and so on. A child, just a child, does not have the ability to dissect complex problems.

If you don't want to learn, you don't learn. If everything is left to the child, what do you need parents to do?

Everything is for the child to be the master. I am afraid that it is just an excuse for the adults to be lazy and indulgent.


I have seen an interview with Cai Shaofen about raising a child. She said something like this: "I personally disapprove and The child is a friend. You can be a good listener, you can agree with her, you can comfort her, but you can't be close to being a friend. Because you must let your child know how to be humble and young, so that she will be in the future. I will know how to respect the elderly, respect the teacher, and respect the boss."

Cai Shaofen believes that the child can calmly and reasonably analyze the problem, but must let the child know that it is the authority of the parents.

I agree with this.

What is a friend? It is nothing more than a similar hobby, can talk about a topic, similar family, work or life background, can be tacit, can be intertwined, but also can be inserted into the knife. Some people say that we are twenty years old when we are with our children. When you hold his cheeks in both hands and tell him: "I want to be friends with you", this painting style is a bit weird!

More critically, friends are completely equal, with no responsibilities and obligations, but parents are not the same as children. As the saying goes, "I don't want to teach my father." Parents have a great responsibility. When they give birth to children, they must raise, guide, and discipline.

When a child makes a mistake, parents should criticize it;

When a child is discouraged, parents should encourage;

When a child gives up, parents should urge him;

When a child is in trouble, parents have to check.

As Long Yingtai said: Parents should help their children prepare for the future in the golden age... Children will grow up as people make full use of the "expiration date".


The French child education expert Mark Reynolds’s research also pointed out that there are two crucial factors in early childhood education, one of which is Establish the authority of parents and be good at saying "no" to the child's "willfulness".

The authority of the parents is not to let the child fear you, to fear you, but to let the child respect you and respect the rules you have established. What you say is weighty in the child's heart.

I think that is the gentle and firm education.

We can be intimate with our children, but we have to talk about our parents’ duties – discipline and training. .

After all, a friend will have a lot of life, but only one parent.