Advice for the elderly in the countryside: Take the child 3 can't 5 don't go to 8 taboos, don't talk about superstition, have lessons

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Advice for the elderly in the countryside: Take the child 3 can't 5 don't go to 8 taboos, don't talk about superstition, have lessons

2018-11-11 10:25:00 125 ℃

Hello friends! When you see this article, whether you are a friend of the countryside or a friend of the city, whether you are single or a parent, I believe that the advice of these rural elderly people I will share with you today will be there for you. Use it little by little. Don't say that I am superstitious, let alone I have nothing to do, sharing some people and things around the countryside is my job.

Speaking of bringing children, it’s not easy for parents to understand how to lead a child. There is an old saying in the countryside. "Knowing parents" is enough to verify that the child is sad. I believe that many of my first-time parents' friends should have been so angry that they can't help themselves crying! I don't want you, my first child is still not born, so my father left tears in the delivery room! As the saying goes: "There is a treasure in the family." Many people disagree, but in the aspect of taking the child, you will naturally realize the benefits of having an old man at home. Do you know? The old man in the countryside said: It is impossible to take these things with children!

First, the first advice of rural elderly: educate children not to start and back.

As a rural person, busy with the busy housework of the children, busy with the housework and busy the field, sometimes the children are mischievous, educating the children is every family, sometimes the children eat hard and not soft, being beaten in Normal however. However, I still try not to play as well. If it is really a way of education, the old people in the countryside say this: "Play the child to let the child know" "Do not hit the child with the head" "The back has a big loss for children" Why? The child is small, you are suddenly shot to him [she], easy to scare the child, the head is the key part of the person, the person's cleverness and behavior are all directed by the brain, all have the child's head and the slap in the face. These are not superstitions and sciences. There are so many cases in which children are born in life. It is not a good way to educate everyone to educate children.

Second, rural elderly second advice: teasing children to play, can not " "Inverted onion"

The child is a tired and happy thing. Sometimes the child’s cuteness is not only the parents’ love, but others also want to take a bite of “thinking”, even the child will produce “evil”. Think "behavior. It’s estimated that everyone’s play will be there. The elderly in the countryside advise: to make fun of the children’s play, you can’t “plant the onions”, meaning you can’t, and the children’s heads are turned down. In the rural areas, the situation of children is ten, and ten old people and nine people blame it. Don't ask why, anyway, I believe that there must be reason in it. Don't dig into the horns, it usually refers to infancy.

Third, the third advice for rural elderly: children's clothing to wash in time and timely, can not stay outside for the night.

This knows to give everyone a general popularity. In two aspects, let’s talk about the scientific basis: no matter the urban rural environment, the clothes are dried outside, and the color of the clothes is easy to attract insects, etc., in case of spawning, it is easy to cause children. Trouble with skin allergies!

Old rural traditional saying: The night dew is heavy, according to the yin and yang, the night is yin, and the night dew is also yin, that is, yin is heavy; according to the person's reincarnation: the old generation said Children can see something that adults see. Of course, these are some of the words with superstition. I still believe in the skin allergies of the former.

Advice from the elderly in the countryside: Young people bring children to these places and try not to go!

1. The funeral scene of the rural white matter.

2, hospital

3, in front of high-quality sound and KTV singing place

4, temple

5, rural pigsty , livestock habitats, including professional breeding sites

Why do you try not to go to these places? All scientifically based, interested friends can click on this chain to see the five places where rural elderly are not allowed to take children

There are no scientific evidence for these advices from rural elderly, but young people in rural areas will do more.

1, can't take the baby to the graveyard. [The rural saying is not easy to explain]

2, the dark back child goes out, to umbrella or cover with a scarf.

3, babies in front of the words: ghosts, madmen.

4, the baby must have a silver jewelry.

5, the child is not jealous, wishing to worship the pro.

6. During the month, the egg shells that were eaten were uniformly thrown at the crossroads.

7, pregnant women can not hold the baby of other people [pre-mother remember, good for you to others]

8, children can not eat pig hooves.

There are many reasonable reasons for these rural old people’s claims. Believe and not believe in you! This article is intended to remind and discuss!

Do you know why? Do you also know the advice of the elderly in the countryside with children? Welcome everyone to comment on the message, share what you know with everyone!