Dress your child in winter, keeping in mind the principle of “three warm and cold” to reduce the incidence of disease!

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Dress your child in winter, keeping in mind the principle of “three warm and cold” to reduce the incidence of disease!

2018-11-26 20:25:04 469 ℃

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It’s been half a month since Lidong has been around. I don’t know if you feel the chill of winter. Going to the street, maybe you can still see those who wear plush sweaters and shredded jeans, really help the mother feel too cold, or suggest that you do not follow this trend, how to warm how to wear. Of course, we adults will not let themselves freeze, but how do we dress our babies?

A few days ago, my colleague told me that he was especially thick for his children, but his neighbor’s children were not that much. But the strange thing is that the children of the neighbors are sicker than their own children. Why is this? The mother must guess because the parent did not follow the dressing rules that are suitable for the child. Today, I will help you to take a look at the three parts that must be kept warm and two places to be cold when you dress your child.

Three areas for warmth:

1, overhead

The head is the brain The hub is where a lot of heat is consumed every day. I don't know if you have this kind of experience. When you don't wear a hat in winter, you feel that the heat is lost from your head.

And our baby's head has delicate skin, more blood vessels, and less hair, so it loses more heat than our adults. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the warmth of your baby's head. If you catch a cold, it is easy to have dizziness and headache, and the symptoms of sneezing will affect your baby's health.

Help mom to suggest here, after bathing your child, be sure to pay attention to dry your hair with a towel in time. When the yang is cold, go out and remember to bring a cotton hat to the child. When necessary, remember to add a thinner scarf to keep your neck warm. When you have fog in the north, remember to wear a mask.

2, belly

Chinese medicine believes that the stomach is the spleen and stomach Protect your stomach, that is, protect your baby's spleen and stomach. If you do not pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen, it is easy to have abdominal pain, diarrhea, and indigestion. In addition, while doing warm abdominal work, mothers can also take care of the back at the same time.

A lot of children have the habit of quilt in the evening. At this time, parents need to help their children wrap their quilts from time to time to avoid coldness. If you feel too much trouble, you can prepare a sleeping bag so that you can avoid this situation.

Help mom to suggest that if you need to go out when the weather is cold, parents can choose to wear a small vest for the child to keep warm. When choosing intimate clothing, try to choose cotton. Cotton underwear has better warmth and good breathability, which can effectively reduce the chances of your baby getting sick.

3, small ankles

Everyone should have been like this The experience, if the feet are not warm, the whole body will feel very cold. The baby is like this. Children's resistance is relatively poor, so parents should pay special attention to the warmth of the feet.

A lot of children like to walk around on the ground with bare feet in the summer. Enter the autumn and winter, you must remember to put cotton socks on your child and put on your shoes. Try to reduce the number of times your baby walks barefoot or just wear socks. In addition, parents should not ignore the warmth of their feet when they wear clothes for their children.

When entering the winter, help mom to use hot water to give the child a bubble foot at night, to promote blood circulation, which is good for sleep, and can be warm and harmonious in the bed.

Two parts to be cold:

Besides keeping warm, pay attention to the movement of children. Then the problem comes. If the baby's arms and legs are wrapped tightly, it will seriously affect the baby's movement. Therefore, when wearing clothes, these two parts are not as thick as they are worn. The baby's activity is relatively large and it is easy to sweat. Too much wear, not only reduce the baby's comfort, freedom, sweat evaporation and easy to make the baby catch a cold.

Mothers remember? This is the law of winter dressing, three warm and cool. Remember to practice on your baby to ensure your baby's health!

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