There is a virus that is more terrible than the flu is approaching the baby...

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There is a virus that is more terrible than the flu is approaching the baby...

2018-11-26 20:25:13 1217 ℃

Every time the season changes, the treasure parents become a "bird of surprise".

I heard that the baby next door has a fever to stay away; tomorrow, the children downstairs found that they have to run a nose; even a person across the supermarket sneezed and went home. I have to give my baby a disinfection...

In fact, I don’t blame the parents for being too nervous. After all, the baby’s immunity is low. This season, it is easy to get rid of the flu virus, causing a fever.

And, Uncle Milk has to remind the milk powder that there is a kind of bacteria called Pneumococcal, which often bullies the baby's body with the flu virus.

Pneumococcal, also known as Streptococcus pneumoniae, is a very common bacterium that causes respiratory infections.

It mainly lives in our nasopharynx. Not only people who are sick will carry this bacterium, but healthy people may also become a carrier.

A lot of people will take it around and "travel" without knowing it. Light “travel” is not enough, it is also very easy to spread.

A sneeze can let it fly into the baby's nasopharynx and be sucked into the body by the baby.

Therefore, it’s often impossible for Bao’s parents to prevent them.

It is often mixed with the flu virus and suffocated.

Every time the flu season comes, we concentrate on fighting the flu virus, but we don’t pay attention to let pneumococcal sneak into it.

At this time, the baby's respiratory tissue structure has been persecuted, and the immunity is also low. Pneumococcal bacteria and the flu virus together, the lethality is really not to be underestimated.

Slightly infected with otitis media, sinusitis, pneumonia and other diseases, but may have meningitis, pericarditis, bacteremic pneumonia, brain abscess and other diseases.

It may even endanger your baby's life!

Pneumonia The "bull brothers" of the cocci and flu viruses have similarities in many places besides "wolf-stricken".

First of all, both viruses spread through the respiratory droplets and spread easily.

Parents are often caught off guard by it.

Secondly, the susceptible populations of both viruses are children under 5 years of age and older people over 65 years of age.

In our country, many babies are caring for the elderly on weekdays.

The two pathogen carriers stay together for a whole day, which is highly susceptible to cross-infection and aggravates the condition.

Third, the symptoms of both are similar in the early stages.

The main symptoms are fever, muscle pain, cough, fatigue and other symptoms.

Speaking about the similarities between the two viruses, let me talk about the differences:

Pneumococcal The fever that causes pneumonia and pneumonia generally lasts for a long time. Even if you take a cooling medicine, it is only temporarily controlled, and it is repeated again and again, but the cold and fever are well controlled.

And the cough of pneumonia is more severe than a cold. If it is serious, it will cause difficulty in breathing. The baby can often wake up the treasure parents.

In addition, babies infected with pneumococci are also sleepy, easy to wake up, crying, irritating, and do not like to eat and eat milk.

If the baby has the above symptoms, parents must pay more attention, don't take it lightly, so as not to delay medical treatment.

The baby's body is not a joke. Once pneumococcal invades the bloodstream and causes meningitis, it will leave behind sequelae such as deafness, mental retardation and paralysis. The consequences are unimaginable and parents must pay attention.

Speaking of a scary thing:

Pneumococcal disease has now become one of the main "killers" of death among children under five years of age in the world, and cases of pneumococcal disease in children under 5 years of age in China accounted for 12% of the total number of cases worldwide.

So, the prevention work of Bao Dabao’s mothers is imperative.

The most effective way to prevent pneumococcal infection is to give your baby pneumococcal infection vaccine.

A baby who has been vaccinated is like being in the body A "smart chip" that recognizes pneumococci is implanted in advance, and as soon as pneumococcal invasion occurs, it can be quickly detected and recognized.

Then he swallowed it with lightning speed and built a protective film for the baby.

This vaccine is best vaccinated around 6 months of age. Because the baby is born, there will be "mother-transmitted antibodies" from the mother (also known as maternal antibody) to protect the baby from disease.

But this antibody will gradually disappear after 6 months of babies.

So, this protective film was established before 6 months of age to protect your baby from pneumococcal disease.

Of course, in addition to vaccination, Bao Dabao mothers should pay more attention to these aspects:

  • Maintain good indoor ventilation and smog Bring the baby out of the door;

  • When the baby washes his hands, less nose, and develop good personal hygiene;

  • Drink plenty of water and maintain a balanced diet;

  • Keep adequate sleep;

  • Increase or decrease clothing in time, especially when changing seasons Pay more attention;

  • To avoid tobacco, don't let your baby smoke secondhand smoke.

In short, don't look at pneumococcal love for bullying a weak baby, we are not at a loss.

Bao Dabao mothers only need to actively prevent and respond correctly, the baby can be as good as a body, eat well, grow up healthily!

Cream powder, your baby will have a headache and headache when it is winter.

Message told Uncle Milk, everyone talked about parenting.