Two days before the birth of the child, do "four eat four do not eat", good for you and the baby!

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Two days before the birth of the child, do "four eat four do not eat", good for you and the baby!

2018-11-27 20:25:31 238 ℃

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As the saying goes, the people eat for food. Whether at the time of pregnancy or after giving birth, the family pays special attention to the diet of pregnant women. But there is a time period that everyone should not ignore, that is, when the pregnant woman has just finished production.

We all know that whether you choose to give birth or choose caesarean section, the body is greatly damaged when the pregnant woman has just finished production. It is necessary to replenish physical strength through diet. But at this time, pregnant mothers must not be hungry, and must learn appropriate picky eaters, so that they will be beneficial to the body.

Some friends may be surprised. It was said clearly that the diet should be balanced during pregnancy. Why do you want to learn to picky eaters? Don't worry, come together and help mom to see what kind of food we should pick and not eat, and which food should eat more in the first two days after delivery?

Four foods suitable for eating more

a, light and digestible liquid or semi-liquid food

< p> During pregnancy, the intestinal peristalsis rate of pregnant mothers will slow down due to changes in the body's internal hormone secretion. In addition, holding the baby will make the uterus inflated, and the mothers may have a phenomenon of pelvic floor muscle contraction. These two reasons can cause the pregnant mothers to have poor bowel movements, and the recovery of bodily functions takes a long time.

So, during this time, help mom to recommend timely supplementation of light and digestible liquid or semi-liquid food. For example, pumpkin millet porridge, rice noodles, rice porridge, soft noodles, etc. are all good choices. This type of food can help moisturize the intestines, promote digestion, and alleviate constipation in pregnant mothers.

b, diuretic food

After delivery, the mother needs timely urination. Therefore, we can use some diuretic foods to stimulate the production of urine. Typical diuretic foods like celery, melon, tomatoes, etc. Eat more diuretic foods, not only can prevent the occurrence of urinary retention, but also reduce the chance of urinary tract infection in pregnant women, so that their body is in a physiological balance.

c, under the milk food

The postpartum treasure mothers may be worried about whether they will have insufficient milk. We can choose to eat more milk, such as oatmeal, loofah, pork leg soup and so on. These foods can stimulate the body to secrete milk and add more. The mothers don't have to worry about milk!

d, blood-filled food

< p> Medical research has shown that hemoglobin in pregnant women will only begin to rise on the tenth day after delivery. During this time, pregnant mothers are prone to anemia, so you can choose to eat more food like spinach, red dates and animal liver. Old people will say that brown sugar water is inseparable during the month. This is not without scientific basis, because brown sugar water can really promote blood circulation and stimulate the discharge of lochia.

Four foods that should not be eaten

a Too greasy food

The gastrointestinal motility of the pregnant mother is greatly reduced after birth, and the greasy food is not easy to be digested, so it is not good for the recovery of the pregnant mother. Foods such as fritters, fried peanuts, and fat meats are too greasy and may be passed to the baby through the milk, causing the baby to have symptoms of diarrhea and indigestion.

b, spicy food

A lot of people will choose to eat less spicy food because it may cause fire. During pregnancy, you should pay more attention to this. The gastrointestinal function of the treasure mother itself is no more than ordinary people, coupled with the stimulation of spicy food, it is easy to induce constipation, hemorrhoids and so on to slow the recovery of the body.

c, too salty food

Some pregnant mothers have a loss of appetite after giving birth and want to eat some pickles to increase their appetite. This is the wrong approach. It is important to know that the salty and sour salted food has a very high salt content, which will accelerate the loss of water in pregnant women. In severe cases, the pregnant woman may also have edema and induce high blood pressure.

d, cold food

This kind of food does not need to elaborate on the mother, I believe that the mothers will not risk the serious damage of the spleen and stomach. Edible.

Okay, the above is the basis for the postpartum treasure mothers to learn to picky eaters. Have the treasure moms remembered? Four eat four do not eat, you good baby!

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