If you are a daughter, be sure to tell her these 10 sentences.

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If you are a daughter, be sure to tell her these 10 sentences.

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Many parents work hard to make money in order to give their children a better life, but the material can only determine the standard of living, and the height of the parents determines the future of the child.

Let the children leave Jinshan Yinshan, it is better to tell them these reasons:


Reading is not bitter, life without reading is hard < /strong>

"There is a poem in the abdomen, and the book is read. It is natural to understand the truth, righteousness and righteousness, so that you have the opportunity to choose a job. Reading is not for parents, but for Yourself.


Awful is not someone else

It’s better than you who are better than you. Strong>

The excellent and hard-working people know that there are too many people in this world who are better than themselves. If they don't work hard, they will be eliminated, and they will always catch up with the people ahead and always go uphill.

Life is always frustrated, it will make people feel tired and not love. But good people know that they are not tired now and will be more tired in the future.

Excellent people don't want to waste their precious time when others work hard.


Not related to academic qualifications, but must go to college

Because the university has been unrestrained for years, it can be dyed with books Once you enter the society, you will enter the big environment.

Source: TV series "Half Blue"

In college, you can do what you want to do, make friends all over the world. Friends, learn more professional knowledge, but also broaden your horizons and make you truly become an adult.


Time is fair

Everyone’s time is 24 hours, don’t waste

When you are playing a game, others are learning; while you are watching TV, others are exercising. When it is old, the gap will appear.

Don't always think that you are still small, and you can do it tomorrow. Tomorrow's day, tomorrow, how many tomorrows, pinning hopes on tomorrow, will eventually accomplish nothing.


Persist in sports

The body will remember every effort you make

Don't say I am busy, I have no time to exercise, and the other side is indulging in a circle of friends and games, making myself a person lying on the sofa and bed.

Sports can not only strengthen the body, but also relieve stress. A person who insists on exercise has considerable willpower and difficulty in giving up and persisting.

Source: TV series "Flowers and Alice"

Life with heart, life will give you the best return.


You can lose, but you can’t give up

Life is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, not forever Smooth sailing, one brilliant can not represent forever.

Do your best to do what you should do, flow the sweat of the flow, don't get caught up in a moment of failure, believe that if you insist, fate will naturally reward you.


Don’t care too much about others’ eyes, be yourself

In this world, everyone’s thoughts and cognitions They are all different. We can't force others to agree with their own ideas, or ask others to like themselves.

There are countless forms of life, there is more than one kind of living, children you have to know, you are unique, just live yourself, why bother to care about others?


Indulgence is human nature

and restraint is the human reason< /p>

Children, you said that learning is very bitter, you want to watch TV, you want to play mobile games, you want to spend your time and life in that eccentric illusory world.

I want to tell you, don't choose comfort at the age of the most bitter, otherwise your future path will be bumpy.

Source: The movie "Bottom babes"


People learn to rely on themselves

No one can help you except yourself

"The mountain will fall down, everyone will run", except for parents, no People will help you without any care.

Parents will always be old, no one will accompany you for a lifetime, you must learn to grow up and become more independent.

Learn to be yourself, you are the master of life, and the future will be created by you. Keeping your destiny firmly in your hands will make you more likely.


Be a good person anyway

Children, you may be a teacher, maybe a doctor, It can also be any kind of profession, but at all times, be a kind person.

Source: TV series "Half Blue"

No matter whether it is the temptation of money or the trend of interest, don't be seen The illusion of vainness covers his eyes and hurts people close to him.

The sea that surges through the waves is magnificent;

The life of frustration and refining shines brightly.

Life can only see dazzling scenery if it has been through hardships.

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