After giving birth to a child, you want to cry, collapse, and get angry. You may have got postpartum depression.

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After giving birth to a child, you want to cry, collapse, and get angry. You may have got postpartum depression.

2018-12-04 00:25:44 1236 ℃

For mothers with depression, many mothers will feel it. It is really an experience that I don't want to think back. Many people don't understand postpartum depression, and don't understand its seriousness. Today, I am talking about postpartum depression with moms who are ready to upgrade to mom or dad or just parents. I hope more people will pay attention to maternal mood and give enough. Understanding and care.

On March 31, 2017, in a rented house in Suzhou, the sheets were all bloodstained. According to the investigation, a young mother got postpartum depression after giving birth and cut her hands for four months. The big baby boy, his fingers were cut off, and she cut herself a few knives. But she didn't make a big deal, but unfortunately, the child is dead. According to the law, the woman was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Postpartum depression not only harms you, but also hurts innocent children!

Postpartum depression is the most common type of maternal mental disorder and is a mother After giving birth to a child, due to a series of changes in body, mood, and psychology caused by sex hormones, social roles, and psychological changes, such as reduced motivation, insomnia, pessimism, etc., and even affecting the child's ability to care, the incidence rate is abroad. The report is about 30%, and usually shows symptoms within 2 weeks after birth. Approximately 70% of patients are cured within 1 year, and very few patients continue for more than 1 year. The recurrence rate of pregnancy again is about 20%. The next generation of cognitive abilities may be affected.

Why does postpartum depression occur?

Some women have postpartum depression, mainly in the process of pregnancy and childbirth, the endocrine environment has changed a lot, especially within 24 hours after birth, the rapid change of hormone levels in the body is The biological basis of postpartum depression. It is also related to the maternal perfectionist character, afraid that it can't adapt to being a perfect new mother role, especially if the husband rarely takes care of the child together or the mother lacks the spiritual support of the husband, they will feel huge. The psychological pressure causes emotional disorders. There is even a childish thought of reintroducing the child back into the stomach or the urge to hurt oneself and the child. Just like the young mother in Suzhou, the emotion is out of control, which leads to the tragedy.

Main manifestations of postpartum depression

When expectant mothers have these performances, prospective fathers and other family members should pay attention, be vigilant, and give the mother more understanding and care.

1, mood change: depressed, depressed, emotionally indifferent, even Anxiety, fear, irritability, increased symptoms at night; sometimes manifested as loneliness, unwilling to see people or sad, tears.

2, self-evaluation is reduced: self-destruction, self-sin, feeling hostile to people around, and inconsistent with family and husband.

3, creative thinking is impaired, and initiative is reduced.

4, lack of confidence in life, feel that life is meaningless, anorexia, sleep disorders, fatigue, loss of libido. Severe people may even be desperate, suicidal or have a tendency to kill their own babies, and sometimes fall into a state of confusion or lethargy.

What about postpartum depression?

For women with depression or depression, our health care providers will use persuasion, encouragement, sympathy, comfort, support, understanding and assurance for the patient's psychological state. Methods, these can effectively eliminate the maternal bad mood, so that they are in the best psychological state of treatment, so as to ensure the smooth progress of treatment, so that the disease recovers soon. You can also use psychological counseling to relieve the psychological factors of depression, such as marital tension, want to have a boy but a girl, a history of mental disorders, etc. Treatment.

People can provide more emotional support for women It is integrated into the role of a new mother, telling her about the funny things of having children and raising children, letting the mother try to vent her distressed things, don't let her have something to do, or really ruin people. of. In life, understand her more, take care of her and her children, especially her husband, support her to understand and care for her, let her have a happy post-natal life, don't let her whole people turn around the children, give her some free time to listen. Listen to music or do things that she is interested in to divert attention.

Also, the mother should not let her energy always concentrate on those during pregnancy and postpartum. For perfect behavior or results, look at your own strengths, look at the benefits of things, and think about the possible success of things. The more you think about unpleasant things, the worse your mood will be. The worse your mood is, the easier it will be to get a sneak peek. The mood will become more and more low, and you will fall into the strange circle of emotional vicious circle. Therefore, to properly transfer your attention, it is a kind of transfer method, to turn your attention to some pleasant things, to pay attention to your preferences, not only to shift your mind, but also to allow your body to participate and enjoy your life. activity. You can also talk to your girlfriends or relatives, and listen to your heart and soul. It’s fine to cry a lot, and let go of your depression.

Don’t forget, although you are a mother, you are still a husband’s wife and parents. Love a woman, no one can only be a 24-hour full-time mother, so I have to change my role to enjoy the power of a wife and a daughter. Of course, you can also expand your interest and improve your knowledge while taking maternity leave, and wait for the new image to change face after the maternity leave!