These three kinds of mothers are not understood, but they have a sense of family responsibility. See if you are talking about you?

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These three kinds of mothers are not understood, but they have a sense of family responsibility. See if you are talking about you?

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The pressure of women now is no less than that of men, and they have to work with their children, although many men have begun to learn to share housework, but Some of the treasures are transferred to the family and children after they have children.

Some treasures are closed every day, and they are all in the same place. Young people don’t understand this mood very much. They think that this is a small mother’s stomach. In fact, this is a manifestation of family responsibility. Only when you really have a family can you understand the truth, and some are not understood. The status of Bao Ma is listed below.

1. Do not trim the margins

Once the mother has a child, taking care of the children’s eating and drinking Lazar every day, it is inevitable that they will not be able to take care of their own image. Often some treasure moms don’t wash their faces in the morning, and they don’t brush their teeth. They start to clean up their children before they start to pack themselves. This is a responsible performance for the family. In order to get the children to go to kindergarten, the clothes will go out and go out. It is very common.

This is a commendation for the mother who can maintain the beauty of the image while taking care of the children, because it is not easy to take care of the children. Some of the treasures can't do both the child and the self, and what they can do is really full of love for life.

2. Everyday opening and closing is a matter of family.

It’s all the chickens and skins in the mouth every day. This is something that people with real family can understand, only at home. With family involvement, you can truly find the contradiction at home.

But for telling others about their family’s affairs, you should pay attention to whether the other person loves to listen, after all, If you don't say it, it doesn't mean that nothing happens, but others can hide it in your heart. But the mother who hangs these things every day is indeed the person responsible for the family.

3. Going out shopping is no longer just about your own things.

I found out that I was like this. Before I was born with my son, I loved to go to the jewelry stores with my girlfriends. Shop and clothing store, since I have children, my girlfriend found that I can't go shopping with me anymore. Every time I go shopping with her, I take her to see children's clothes and visit the mother and baby store, so that the girlfriends have been for a long time. I didn't date me until she had children, and our hobbies reached a high level of consistency.

Mother love is so great, because my children can give up their hobbies regardless of their own image, even if they put themselves I forgot everything, but the children love to eat but can remember clearly. These three states can’t be understood when I was young. I didn’t realize that I had a family. In this way.

Also remind you that if you love your family again, you should love yourself, live your own way, don't trim the margins, perfect and exquisite, as long as you like, that is the most Comfortable life!