Is it a "prescription" for treating infant eczema?

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Is it a "prescription" for treating infant eczema?

2018-12-07 10:25:01 211 ℃

Tell a story about a father using a folk remedy to treat eczema in a baby:

A baby who is a few months old, There is baby eczema, and there are occasional small erythema with slight exudation. Originally a good solution, the baby's father did not know where to listen to the "folk folk", vinegar and white noodles into a batter, wiped the baby body. Regardless of the baby, wow, crying, every day. A few days later, when I saw the baby getting more and more serious, I started to burn it, and I was scared. I quickly went to the hospital to see it. A blood routine, more than 30,000 white blood cells (normal range of 4,000 to 10,000), indicating a serious infection, the baby father realized the seriousness of the problem, scared and cried.

Talk about why children suddenly get infected? Because the eczema has exudation, it means that the child's skin is slightly cracked and not complete. On such skin, vinegar is aggravated by stimulation (so baby's skin hurts), and flour is used to make fertile soil for bacterial growth (so bacteria enter the body through skin ruptures to cause infection). Bacteria have soil and fertilizer, of course, they have to play with their lives, and infection is not normal. It can be said that this father personally put a layer of bacterial film on the child.

I will say it again: Don't be superstitious about folk remedies, believe in science!

Let’s talk about how baby eczema should be treated:

Baby eczema is the most common skin disease in babies, and almost half of all children have eczema. If the prolonged recurrence does not last until the adult is accompanied by a lifetime, it is called atopic dermatitis.

There is always a mother to ask me how to treat baby eczema, my previous blog post I have talked a lot about it. But maybe people are too lazy to search even if they search, I will repeat it. In fact, it is really simple, mainly the following:

1.Moisturizing! Moisturizing! Still moisturizing! Do not think that eczema must be done, not so wet, this is completely a misinterpretation of out of context. Eczema children should take a bath, but can not take a bath, do not use alkaline strong soap, etc., you can rush, after taking a bath every day, taking the water vapor is not dry, quickly apply a thick layer of moist in 3 minutes Body lotion, massage absorption.

2. Acute exudation period, external application of boric acid lotion, physiological saline and other wet compresses, astringent anti-inflammatory. In the dry period of erythema peeling, apply compound cod liver oil zinc oxide cream. If it can't be controlled, apply a weak hormonal ointment such as Youjur or Dyneide (no problem for no more than two weeks). Immunosuppressive agents such as tacrolimus cream can also be used.

3. If accompanied by infection, if there is yellow pus or yellow liquid exudation, this is the performance of Staphylococcus aureus infection, it is necessary to apply antibiotics such as Baidubang or Fusidic acid cream ointment.

4. The principle of external use of eczema is: dry to dry, wet to wet. As the name suggests, the more you use the ointment, the more wet you should use the solution. This is the reason why you can't answer the question "What kind of medicine is used for eczema?" Because the eczema is completely different in different stages, it cannot be used all at once.

5. Some infant eczema is caused by food allergies, you can check allergens, but any allergen detection is not as accurate as food stimulation and avoidance experiments. What is food stimulation and avoidance experiment? It is the careful observation of the parents' reaction to the child's food and skin. If the mother of a baby or breast milk baby only needs to eat certain foods, she will get eczema. If she does not eat it, she will not be able to eat it. It must be allergic to this food. There are also children who are allergic to milk, they need to change the hydrolyzed milk powder or amino acid milk powder.

6. A small number of children with severe eczema can not be relieved by topical medication. Oral anti-allergic drugs, such as desloratadine or levocetirizine, have special children's syrup formulations. The child can eat.

7. Generally, infantile eczema can be obviously improved or even cured within 3 years of age. Because the physical quality is good, the skin barrier function is gradually established. And a small number of patients with atopic dermatitis, not so lucky, but with the end of life, do not be discouraged, as long as I do what I said, careful care, or can get a good quality of life. Remember, moisturizing is a lifelong lesson, never let the skin dry, otherwise it will not be far from the next episode!