Is metaphysics or science? Why can't I tell others in the first three months of pregnancy?

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Is metaphysics or science? Why can't I tell others in the first three months of pregnancy?

2018-12-07 10:25:05 232 ℃

Pregnant is a unique phenomenon for women, so it is also a beautiful trip. So often people say that three months of pregnancy can not tell others, what is the reason?

First look at the symptoms and characteristics of pre-pregnancy

Pregnant In the early days, many women will have dizziness, general exertion, loss of appetite and other symptoms due to the early pregnancy reaction. At the same time, there will be symptoms such as frequent urination, the uterus of the woman is enlarged, and the frequency of urination caused by compression of the bladder is usually self-resolved in the middle of pregnancy, because the palace will enter the abdomen. At this time, the fetus is basically stable. In the early pregnancy, because the people have a lot of taboos, they will not be able to tell others about the first three months of pregnancy. Then look at the following reasons.

The first reason is that due to the taboos of the people, the folk customs and habits will think that the first three months of pregnancy will anger the baby, and there is a saying in the folklore, but if you are pregnant, If you talk too early, you will anger the baby, which will make the baby anger, and then affect the fetus. In the ancient world, women are mainly pregnant and breast-feeding, and women are not tired. If you talk to others in these three months, it will easily lead to miscarriage, fetal instability, and dystocia. In fact, using modern medical explanations, this is due to the characteristics and symptoms of early pregnancy, it is not suitable for women to work tired, easily lead to miscarriage.

Cause 2, due to the characteristics of early pregnancy, and the traits of primiparous women are shy and restrained. The general pregnancy is not appropriate for publicity.

The third reason is that because of the early pregnancy, the pregnant woman's stomach will not stand out, so in the early pregnancy, people feel that it is not necessary to tell others that they are pregnant, so that their family members can know.

What should you watch out for in the first trimester?

Note 1 Don't overwork, pay attention to rest, and go to the hospital for a checkup in time. Don't go to a crowded place to avoid getting flu. Since the first trimester is during pregnancy, the first month is when the fetal neural tube is weathered, so do not touch toxic substances and chemicals to avoid fetal malformation. Do not use your own medicine in the early stage of pregnancy. Under the guidance of a doctor,

Note 2, avoid noise environment, avoid radiation of household appliances and computer radiation, especially microwave oven radiation.

Note 3, avoid eating cold food, and the meat should be cooked thoroughly to prevent the fetus from infecting Toxoplasma gondii. In the early stage of pregnancy, the fetus should be promptly supplemented with folic acid.

Note 4: To maintain a balanced diet, be careful not to drink coffee or tea; do not wear makeup.

The above is the reason for not telling others in the early pregnancy, but female friends must go to the regular hospital for a checkup, so that the fetus and pregnant mother have a healthy guarantee.