"Tiger-female education" can really make children win at the starting line? 12-year-old child

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"Tiger-female education" can really make children win at the starting line? 12-year-old child

2018-12-07 10:25:06 271 ℃

Wenyu baby said that mother loves

On the first two days, a child who is 12 years old is arguing with his mother because of small things, the child feels that his mother is too strict and angry. The news that burned out of reason and finally slashed his own biological mother with a knife smashed through the Internet. When the news came out, it caused an uproar. When more and more such news reports came out, it caused many parents to ponder and educate the children whether it is right or wrong.

Excellent children are not playing out.

There is a saying that children can't beat. It seems that if you want your child to make a difference, you must discipline your child. In fact, it is not like homework. I believe that many parents have big children who are wrong because they feel that they are particularly simple. To be honest, parents have no other role than to make him more resistant to doing homework. When the child really can't do it, talk to him about the problem-solving ideas. After he understood it, let him do a few similar questions, which is much better than the effect of using it directly. If you do the right thing, give encouragement; if you still do something wrong, then tell him what is wrong, how to change. Believe me, excellent children are definitely not "played".

Violence education only provokes children’s violence

Because parents are too strict to educate their children, Will form a rebellious mentality in the child's heart. Children in this tragedy can't stand the harshness of their parents, and your children may not be able to stand it. Children are still not fully mature at the age of their parents. It is inevitable that they will not understand the pains of their parents and they will make some resilience. You just convey your violence to your children. Parents are advised to treat them coldly when they are angry. Because people's behaviors during anger are mostly wrong, these behaviors are not so-called conditioned reflexes. If you make such a reflex to your child, if he is as angry as you are in such a situation, it is easy to happen in the news. In short, everything is calm. Good for children, but also good for yourself.

Teaching in accordance with the "Tiger-Mother" education is more convincing

In fact, sometimes it is understandable The tiger-mother education is not bad, just want to make children better. Because this society is developing so fast, it is difficult to have a good life. However, the brain capacity of a child is only that large, and he can only receive so much knowledge at a certain age. His interest may not be the interest you want. Therefore, I feel that in educating children, let them learn what they should learn, and then learn some amateur knowledge according to their own interests. Don't force your child to go to extracurricular classes that he is not interested in. Maybe they are more likely to play in the child's childhood. Parents should not take the child too tightly. It is not good to let the child play properly. Childhood should be It’s fun and happy, not just learning.

Children’s experience:

Although the child does not fight, there is another saying in China. Called just too easy to fold. When you give your child something that he doesn't want, even if your starting point is good, it is easy to make it rebellious or even tragic. After all, educating children is only eight words: rigid and soft, and set an example. These eight words seem to be very simple to say, but it is very difficult to do. Educating children is a process that requires parents to grow up with their children.