Recommended text: Don't stop your children from learning to paint, because painting is the treasure of their lives!

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Recommended text: Don't stop your children from learning to paint, because painting is the treasure of their lives!

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Many parents think that children learn to paint:

No future, wasting money,< /strong>Not the "material" of learning painting

If you let your child go to the road of painting

It is destined to be "Poor painter" is destined to drink the northwest wind

Daiyejun wants to say:

To learn art well, you don't have to be a painter!

Children draw from primary school and grow up to become art workers. However, many teachers, doctors, architects, and scientists have become talented and children. Learning to draw is closely related.

Remember that Teacher Jin Xing said:

What is art education?

It is a subtle process

is also a process of storing energy

What is the purpose?

It is not utilitarian. It is to cultivate the child's cultivation, aesthetics, character, quality, let the children slowly learn to appreciate the beauty of life, the preciousness of life, the color of the world, and enrich their lives. Make their lives.

More and more stars are now

Selecting to let children learn to paint

Let children learn to draw from a young age

Zhang Yimou's daughter

Beginning to learn painting at the age of 4

6-year-old Chinese painting can reach the artist's beauty

The book "Food Diary" has been published at the age of 11

The diary is equipped with many illustrations. There are also words

so talented chicks

This style is not an ordinary children's book

Look at the cover of Food Diary

You can see that the chick is a very hardworking, attentive, well-informed girl

Let's take a look at her text

One talented woman, Juan Xiu, smooth, praise!

Zhao Wei's daughter learns to paint

Little April has good temperament, maybe the genetic mother's gene

Users are even more praised:

"Artistic fan, little goddess..."

Zhao Wei said: singing and dancing can not learn, but painting must be children to learn

< Strong>Sun Hao children learn to paint

Tian Liang's daughter learns to paint

Tian Liang daughter cindy starts to learn calligraphy

Liu Tao daughter learns calligraphy

And Faye Wong, Li Xiang, Ma Yizhen, Jay Chou...

Jay Chou said: You can not let your daughter enter the line >

But let her learn to paint


So many stars make the children learn to paint

because painting has too many benefits for children

painting Painting is the wealth of your child's life!

What "Fortune"?


Drawing can improve your child’s ability to practice Strong>

Practical proof, hands-on operation,

Let the child experience, do, think, sum up experience,

The study cultivates the habits of children's learning and effective ways to solve new problems.


< p>Painting can express children's imagination and creativity

Children learn to draw, parents ask children to paint,

Adults like rules and real things,

< p> But the world of children is full of excitement and relief,

This is the best expression of their imagination.


Drawing can develop your child's concentration and patience

Many children can't sit still, and they are used to sticking to their parents.

So children grow up and become dependent

But smart parents tend to use the best method

Let the child touch the painting

The child who draws can sit still, without the father and mother at home, alone, noisy, noisy, quietly immersed in A small world of your own paintings.

Brainholes open

Draw with sticks

Draw with leaves

▼< /p>

Draw with balloons

Draw with leaves

I can’t think of it, I can’t do it

4< /p>

Painting promotes overall child development

Comprehensive development is the ultimate goal of education

Painting is a comprehensive education

can promote children's moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor and other comprehensive development

< p> plays an important role in future development


< /section>

Empty a good seed for life

No matter how long the child never engages in painting, art is a quality training, and it is also a compulsory painting course for children. Children learn to paint and plant beautiful seeds for their children. Art can enrich and perfect people, and art is a spiritual wealth.

Drawing allows children to carefully observe the details of life and love life

Painting Not a stumbling block on the road to growing up

It’s the best assist to defeat the demons