How deep is the friendship between my brother and sister? Netizen: There are brothers and sisters are martial arts masters!

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How deep is the friendship between my brother and sister? Netizen: There are brothers and sisters are martial arts masters!

2018-12-07 20:25:00 288 ℃

In the second-child family, the combination of one child and one woman is the object of envy of many people. What kind of brothers and sisters do you think is better?

In the brother-sister combination, my brother is often the object of being bullied. When I play with my daughter and her cousin, it can be seen that the daughter who is usually quiet and quiet is punching her brother for two punches. And my brother won't be angry at all, unless he is hurting. For my brother, my sister is used to protect. As for the sister-sister combination, I have a younger brother. I think that girls are generally precocious and will take care of their younger brothers. So I think the sister-sister combination is quite warm... until I saw a younger brother named "Auntie." Video.

(Sister was hit by lightning)

In the video, the younger brother is drawing, sister Asked what the younger brother painted, the younger brother pointed to the sky in the painting, this is a white cloud, standing below our family. When the younger brother finished, he didn't wait for his sister to ask, and pointed to a winding line next to him: This is lightning, and my sister was hit. My sister has a slap in the face, and there is a feeling of being struck by lightning inside.

The comments of the netizens below the video are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. How deep is the love between the younger brothers (chou) (hen) ? Let's feel it:

The tragic experiences of the younger brothers:

Users@龙钱:我 It was the elder sister who grew up from a young age!

Users @M: Ten brothers, nine sisters, ten sisters, nine brothers, and the rest to fight.

Users @Marina: There are brothers and sisters are martial arts masters!

Users @过河卒: As a younger brother, I was brought up by my sister from a young age, and then on a certain day When she was awkward, she pushed her away and suddenly found that she could beat her. After that, she would still be jealous, but she would never fight back.

Sisters' views:

Users @汤圆: My brother is going to be early, because when you grow up, you can't beat him!

Users @染墨: My brother can't help but sit next to me, there is no reason to want to hit him, and then start a melee.

Users @CHEN: My brother is now thirty. When I blink, he is still a second, it is such a deterrent.

Users @小米哈: I also have a younger brother, but I have never beaten him. I think he is very cute. Obedient, when we grow up, we each have a family, and there are very few contacts, but as long as we go home, the hand and foot is still the most practical.

Haha, I saw the personal experience of netizens, I found out that I am a gentle sister. I don’t seem to have beaten my brother in memory, but it may be played, and then I forgot to say indefinite. Suddenly it was not easy to find a boy. When he was a brother, he was beaten by his sister. When he was a younger brother, he was beaten by his sister... hahahaha!

But then, it’s normal for children to fight, as long as they don’t rise to class hatred, It’s not a big deal. As the saying goes, “It’s a relative is love.” Those sisters and younger brothers who can’t move a few times, may have good feelings! Of course, parents should also teach their children more often, if there are any problems to discuss, or try not to have physical conflicts. The two children are accompanied by each other and friendly communication. From small to large, they have always been a warm harbor for each other. This is what the second-born parents most want to see.

Interaction: Hahahaha, my brother and sister are born with "there are hatreds"? Welcome to share the message.