The second child is not what you want to be born, these conditions can not be reached or wait.

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The second child is not what you want to be born, these conditions can not be reached or wait.

2018-12-07 20:25:00 301 ℃

Yesterday saw a dynamic of a second-born mother in WeChat. The content is probably that the baby will be addicted. If one is born, I want to have another one. I can’t stop it. If you think about it, it may be that you are more happy with your mother, so you always want to have more than one baby. However, not all mothers think so. When I went home last month, I saw an old classmate. Now I am already the mother of two babies. The second child is 2 years old. She said she regretted giving birth to her second child. Now, take care of the two baby every day, and I can’t even eat enough. Looking back at her appearance when she graduated, it is indeed a lot older, and she can’t help but feel a little sad.

A lot of mothers may be like this. They didn't think too much before giving birth to a second child. Later, they discovered that there were so many things. In fact, not all families are suitable for giving birth to a second child. Before planning to have a second child, Bao Ma first looks at whether the family has these conditions. If not, wait a second.

1. Economic conditions

Speaking of economic conditions, many treasures may refute, previously The families are not all very poor, and the children still feed a lot. Although this is the case, since the child is born, the responsibility of the parents is not only to feed the child, but to give him a better living environment and good education. After the child is born, the milk powder grows up and grows up. After education, every place needs to spend money. The children of other families are all kinds of interest classes. Do you want your children not to develop their specialties? Therefore, if the economic conditions are insufficient, it will be slow first. Otherwise, even if a child is born, he will not be able to give him a good life.

2. Someone helps bring a baby

It’s really not a person who can take care of a child. Especially, the difference between the two children is younger, and it is even more troublesome. If the mother-in-law is better, she is willing to help bring the child, or Bao Da is willing to share the housework. In this case, it is more economical to consider the second child. Otherwise, after the birth of the second child is also a burden, Bao Ma has to take care of the children, but also to tidy up the housework, the body really can not stand.

3. Ask the boss for permission

Now there are fewer children in each family, especially After the birth of the first-born baby, it is really a favorite of the whole family, a group of adults around him. If you don't get the consent of Dabao, you will have a second child. After the brother or sister is born, the family's more attention is placed on the two treasures. It will inevitably lead to a feeling of psychological imbalance, and even dislike the two treasures, complaining. Mom and Dad. Therefore, before Bao Ma plans to have a second child, it is best to ask for advice from Dabao.

The words are not good, but they are all good for Bao Ma! Before you have a second child, you must first check to see if you have these conditions. If you are satisfied, you can feel free to have a second child.