How to wash the buttocks for male and female babies, how to wash the private parts, in order to avoid red butt?

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How to wash the buttocks for male and female babies, how to wash the private parts, in order to avoid red butt?

2018-12-07 20:25:00 636 ℃

Author: Sun Ark (pediatric physician)

Between autumn and winter, many babies because less cold stimulation as well as sweating, there will be frequent urination and even urinary The performance of drip, plus the lower body wrapped tightly, and the diaper is not replaced in time, the skin and private parts of the buttocks are easily irritated by residual urine and sputum caused by airlessness.

And your baby's skin is delicate, especially the more sensitive private parts are particularly susceptible. If an infection occurs, it can cause diaper dermatitis and even lead to gynecological diseases or genital inflammation. Due to the gender difference between male and female treasures, the physiological structure is different, and the autumn and winter seasons should pay more attention to the different cleaning and nursing care of the baby.

It is not uncommon for infants and toddlers to change diapers and clean at least five or six times a day before they learn to go to the toilet. But cleaning is not done right, it may have a lot of negative effects on your baby.

Boys often have foreskins, children who urinate are not like adults, Foreskin is easy Cumulative urinary alkali and secretion residue, especially for a long time without the awareness of cleaning the dirt inside the foreskin, it is easy to induce inflammation, resulting in children lower body itching, urethral congestion, and even affect development and so on.

The scrotal skin of male infants is delicate and delicate, and it is easy to be affected by residual urine. At the same time, it is not timely and improperly cleaned, and even produces diaper dermatitis, so it needs more reasonable and reasonable cleaning. .

And female baby is very close to the vagina, urethra and anus. Sometimes cleaning is not standardized, dirt on the anus is involved in the vulva, it is easy to suffer < Strong>Children with urinary tract infections and even gynecological diseases.

There should be how to clean, according to the gender, summarized as follows:

Female baby:

When wiping the ass to the female baby, be sure to wipe from the back. Wipe from the vaginal opening to the anus. Thereby avoiding bacterial contamination of the vulva and urethra at the anus.

To rinse the vulva with clean water, gently separate the labia majora with your thumb and forefinger and rinse from top to bottom. Do not over-flow the water to avoid damaging the soft genitals. There may be some secretions in the labia. These secretions sometimes have a protective effect on the vulva mucosa, so do not deliberately clear.

If there is residual feces in the feces, wipe it off with a non-alcoholic wipe. At the same time Do not use any soap or hand sanitizer to clean the vulva, and do not over-clean, which will destroy the flora balance in the girl's vulva and weaken its self-cleaning ability.

Do not miss the roots of the thighs that are prone to residual urine secretions during cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the common skin folds to avoid dermatitis. After cleaning, pat the child's diaper area with a clean towel, do not dry it directly, and replace the baby's skin with a new diaper.

Male baby:

The key point is to properly clean the penis with the foreskin, because the foreskin is easy to hide dirt. But the baby doesn't have to clean the foreskin before he is 1 year old. Because many baby foreskins and glans grow together, premature or forced opening of the soft foreskin can sometimes lead to child genital injuries.

After 1 year old, it can be cleaned as follows. That is to say, the foreskin can be gently pushed open during cleaning. If it can be pushed open, it can be pushed open. If it cannot be pushed open, it can not be forced.

When cleaning, the parent can hold the middle part of the penis with one hand, and the other hand gently pushes the foreskin to expose the penis head. Do not use force to avoid pain or even tearing of the baby.

Use warm water to clean the glans and coronal sulcus, and do not use any detergent, just rinse gently with water, and then slowly let the foreskin return to its original position after washing. Also pay attention to the frequency of cleaning, do not clean every day, you can wash once every few days.

Then gently wash the root of the penis with a clean, damp towel, then carefully clean the scrotum, because the skin folds here More, it is easy to leave dirt, so focus on scrubbing, and finally clean around the anus, wash and dry with another clean towel.

Some precautions:

It is recommended to apply warm water around 37 °C during cleaning. It is best for female babies to rinse with running water heated to this temperature (such as applying a water heater).

Girls don’t wash the vulva too often, 1-2 times a day, mainly to avoid the overgrowth of the beneficial bacteria in the girl’s vulva and the protection of the vulva secretion. The disappearance of the object will cause harmful bacteria to grow and even cause infection.

Do not use hazelnut powder after bathing, hazelnut powder is easy to volatilize, even inhalation of the airway, it will also encounter water condensation into particles, easy to enter the vagina.

Children should use special utensils, towels, trousers, etc. for children's bathing. Do not mix with adults.

If the baby itself has already had a red buttock, it is best to apply a layer of baby diaper cream containing petrolatum or zinc oxide after each wash. Strong>, helps to alleviate skin symptoms.

Replace breathable after having a urine, Hygienic cotton diapers, it is best to use large brand diapers with moisturizing ingredients. Don't wear open pants at the same time.