Through the child's 3 parts, you can see the height of the future, the child occupies 2 steals.

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Through the child's 3 parts, you can see the height of the future, the child occupies 2 steals.

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The problem of child height is always hung up by parents, especially for parents who are not high in themselves, pay attention to children The height is the big thing they care about. Because everyone knows that the height of a child depends largely on the height of the parents. Many parents think that only when their height is passed on to the child, the child will probably be taller in the future. In fact, is this really the case? Not exactly like this! In life, we always see that some parents are not high, but their children are as tall as they are.

So, how do parents know if their children will be taller when they grow up? In fact, it can be seen from these parts of the child.

1, Foot

Everyone’s height is certain The proportion of the body, under normal circumstances, when the body grows, the various parts of the body grow in harmony with each other. Have you seen a tall person with a particularly short foot? Presumably it is not! It is conceivable that if it is such a ratio, then he must be extremely inconvenient to walk. A tall person has a pair of small feet. How can he keep his balance? Therefore, under the physiological regulation of balanced growth, for those children with long legs, it is very likely to be taller when they grow up.

After parents may be worried, my baby is not long now, will it not be a taller one after that? This is not the case. It is not only in the childhood stage that the length of the foot can be seen, because the balanced growth may also be carried out at different stages. The growth of the foot is a relatively slow process, and it is not consistent with the speed of the child. of. Some children are long when they are young, but they are not tall when they grow up. Some children are not tall when they are young, but they are tall and tall when they grow up. So they use the length of their feet to judge the height of their children when they grow up. They are only informative. However, scientifically speaking, the length of the foot is indeed related to height.

Second, Finger

In addition to some special cases, people The growth is basically balanced, so in fact, from many parts we can see the height of the baby in the future, the most familiar is the finger. According to relevant data surveys, there is a certain proportion of fingers and height. In general, people with long fingers are taller. At this point, many people may question, but in fact it is scientific.

Someone would like to ask: "Why is my child's finger very long when he was a child, but his height is not high when he grows up?" This reason can be explained by the difference in the proportion of individual growth, the reason for the high height. It is related to acquired nutrition. The reason why children's height is not high is probably due to lack of nutrition, and the nutritional supplements are different in different people. Therefore, if parents have better supplies in their children's diet and nutrition, and the child's absorption of nutrients is just a part that is easy to grow taller, then their height is generally not too short. Therefore, relatively speaking, children with long fingers are taller and their height will be higher.

Three, calf

In general, if it is a calf For longer people, their skeletons are usually longer. According to the proportion of people's height, people in this situation will not be too short in their legs, and naturally they will be taller in height. Just like everyone's consensus on tall people: long legs! But there is no absolute thing in life, there will always be special cases in life, but in the case of not considering special cases, in general, if the child's calves are long, then their height is higher.

Although the above characteristics can predict the child's future height, in terms of height, parents should not only focus on the above characteristics of the child, these are just a prediction of the height of the child in the future. If parents want to have a more satisfactory height in the future, then they will have to worry more, not only to properly supplement the necessary nutrition, appropriate vitamins, but also to take care of some children's exercise habits and sleep habits. Only in this way can it help the child's height.

So, parents should not only focus on some of the child's predictive characteristics, but more attention to their acquired nutritional supplements and lifestyle habits is the most critical. In general, if parents find that their children have the above foundation, don't waste the innate foundation because they don't take care of their children!

I am Qi Lijuan, a senior nurse, who has been in the field of infant education for 17 years, the head of the kindergarten, and I am also the mother of 3 children. If you have problems with parenting, you can Leave a message telling me that I hope some of my parenting experience can help you.