25-year-old pregnant mother amniotic fluid embolized her husband in the hospital, after the rescue came back, directly divorced from her husband

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25-year-old pregnant mother amniotic fluid embolized her husband in the hospital, after the rescue came back, directly divorced from her husband

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said that the mother is great, this is not only limited to the hardships of pregnancy in October, but also Because the birth of the baby itself is in the fight for life, if the mother and child are safe, of course, there will be a lot of situations, but some will even have to be a mother, such as this pregnant mom is very familiar, But terrible trembling disease: amniotic fluid embolism.

If there is an accident in the baby, the test is not only the pregnant mother, but also the reaction and attitude of the family. Although there will be no such problem as the Baoda or the child, the family’s A reaction can still explain a big problem.

Pregnant mother amniotic fluid embolism, husband’s hospitality makes pregnant mother chilly

Amniotic fluid embolism is what all obstetricians hope to happen, although the probability of occurrence is very low, but once it is difficult to rescue, but also very lucky.

The 25-year-old Xiaoding is the lucky one, but she and her family were not so happy after the rescue, not because she did not keep the child, but Xiaoding proposed a divorce to her husband.

At the moment when amniotic fluid embolism occurred in Xiaoding, Xiaoding’s blood pressure had been falling down and he was still in a coma. At that time, the doctor did not wait for Xiaoding’s husband to sign the first aid, but Xiaoding’s husband knew After the wife had not been rescued, he began to torture the doctor, threatened the doctor, and threatened to sue the hospital.

Because Xiaoding’s husband is too worried about his wife? In fact, it is not that the first reaction of Xiaoding’s husband is the child. After the child’s rescue, the person disappeared directly. The doctor could not find the signature for him, or the word signed by Xiaoding’s younger brother.

Fortunately, Xiao Ding finally rescued him. After waking up, he did not see her husband. No one told her the truth. Finally, the younger brother said the truth. After Ding’s physical recovery, he divorced her husband.

The husband asked for forgiveness and said that he was too scared, and the money was not enough to raise money, but Xiaoding still did not forgive her husband.

The doctors who witnessed this incident all lamented that the hospital is the biggest epitome of human beings.

Why are doctors so anxious when they are rescued, and can't be delayed?

This is because once the amniotic fluid embolism occurs, it will immediately have heart and lung failure, uterine bleeding, systemic bleeding and acute renal failure. These conditions need to be rescued in time, and the rescue is very difficult. high.

Every second after this is prime time, and the rescue time is a few minutes. If it is not rescued in time, the mother is likely to die within a few minutes due to acute illness, which is very terrifying.

After amniotic fluid embolism, the cooperation of family members is very important. Believe the doctor, not the doctor. If it is like the husband of Xiaoding, it is no different from the life of killing his wife directly. This is also small. Ding can not forgive her husband's main reason.

Before the baby, the pregnant mother should communicate well with her family. The family members also need to be mentally prepared. When the baby is born, the life of the pregnant mother is not only in the hands of the doctor, but also in the hands of the family.

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