Children who often play with mobile phones, and children who don't play mobile phones, the difference is obvious after 6 years old!

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Children who often play with mobile phones, and children who don't play mobile phones, the difference is obvious after 6 years old!

2018-12-09 10:25:27 446 ℃

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After a while, I helped my mother to do a questionnaire, which is a multiple-choice question:

"Going out only allows you to bring something, what do you choose?" /p>

A key B mobile phone C money

87% of people have chosen a mobile phone, which shows that the mobile phone has become an indispensable item in our daily life. People's dependence on mobile phones is gradually increasing. Friends and family are not talking face to face, just press the button and the message can be transmitted at high speed. Is this good or bad?

This reminds me of Mu Xin’s "Slow in the past": "Remember that when I was a teenager, I was sincerely swearing / saying that it is a sentence / early morning on the train station / long street dark no pedestrian / selling soy milk The store is steaming / the former day has become slower / car, horse, mail is slow / only enough to love a person / ..."

The mother observed that many children are addicted to mobile phones and become low-headed people. Cartoons, video games, and online shopping platforms in mobile phones are very attractive to children, but as parents we should understand that children’s childhood is far from being in these virtual worlds. They should belong to lawns, swings, books, football... ...

A US survey has shown that children who often play mobile phones and don’t play mobile phones from a young age are very different after the age of six!

1, Indifferent self-control, addicted to mobile games

Children once indulged in mobile games, if you don’t exercise restraint, then your self-control will be very Great destruction. Over time, brain reflexes will not be restrained, self-discipline will decline, and children will not be able to consciously control their emotions and behaviors. At the same time, self-control is an important symbol of strength. The opposite is self-willed, indulging in self-discipline, doing things without considering the consequences, which is extremely detrimental to the child's growth.

2, Dask level drops

Now many lower grades The children all put on their glasses, the book did not read a few books, but the eyes were nearsighted, and this must be "retributed" to the mobile phone. The child stares at the screen of the mobile phone for a long time, the eye muscles are fatigued, affecting the ability to focus, causing blurred vision and eventually leading to myopia.

3, Neighboring parent-child relationship

Parents are busy with work, and the time spent with their children is very small. If the child once again indulges in mobile phones, parent-child communication, entertainment When playing time is reduced, parent-child relationships will be alienated, and children will be more willing to rely on mobile phones than parents. At the same time, if parents yell at the children, they will make the children feel bored and the parent-child relationship will be further strained.

4, Three views affecting children

Three views refer to a person’s world outlook, outlook on life, values, and work for one’s work and study. A vital role. The network information is varied, and there are even a lot of pornographic and violent information flooding the network. If young children are exposed to these, it will directly have negative negative effects. It is very unfavorable for the formation of the child's three views.

Parents have to ask, how can we have a child with a pure childhood and not be disturbed by mobile phones?

1, Parents lead by example, play less mobile phones

Parents are the children’s first teacher, children love sex, as parents want to set up for children The role model, play less mobile phones.

2, Free time to take children for outdoor activities

On a sunny weekend, take your child to feel the nature and get in touch with the mountains and waters. It feels like a thousand worlds, and enjoys the breath of fire from the face.

3, Talk more with your child and listen to your child’s inner thoughts

If you want to approach a person, you must approach his heart, even if he It is your child. There is also a need for equal and free communication.

4, Cultivate your child's interests and hobbies

Discover your child's interests, let your child do what you like, have a hobby, and when he is bored, he can He can practice the word when he is sad. He can dance when he is happy. He also has peace when he is empty.

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