After the pregnancy, the pregnant mother should pay attention to it. If you can not eat, don’t eat it. Otherwise, you will really suffer from sin during childbirth.

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After the pregnancy, the pregnant mother should pay attention to it. If you can not eat, don’t eat it. Otherwise, you will really suffer from sin during childbirth.

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We all know that after the pregnant mother is pregnant, the doctor will recommend that the pregnant mother must have a balanced diet. It is best to ensure a small amount of meals. Usually pay attention to eating some high-protein, mineral-rich foods. The development is very beneficial, but if the pregnant mother eats something that should not be eaten, or if the pregnant mother adds a meal at an inappropriate time, it will not only affect the difficulty of childbirth, but also lengthen the entire labor process. Danny was very cute before she was pregnant, because Danny is very concerned about her body management, but when Danny learned that she was pregnant, she was happy, she could really let go of eating some food that she could not eat. In the early pregnancy, Danny's meal was also good, basically it was normal, and the meal was very rich. By the middle of pregnancy, Dani found that she was particularly hungry, so she was hungry. Danny started to eat. Sometimes I still eat a few meals a day, especially at night. It seems to be very important for Danny, because if I don’t eat well at night, I will be hungry and can’t sleep. Dan Ni's husband once persuaded Danny to eat, and the nutrition was enough. But Danny couldn't listen. In the third trimester, even after her husband came back from work to accompany Danny, Danny returned. After the family, they would say that they were hungry. At this time, the husband did not want Danny to be hungry. He could only let Danny eat. As a result, when he was in production, he weighed 145 pounds. This is Dani’s whole life. The peak value of the weight. In the end, when Dani was born, not only did the doctors dislike it, but he also suffered a lot of crimes before he gave birth to the baby.

In fact, I believe that many pregnant mothers have the same experience as Danny after pregnancy, but I still want to follow All pregnant mothers say, after pregnancy, if the meal at night can be saved, save it. Don't let your mouth control yourself. You must know that you will be guilty at the end of the day. At the same time, it is also recommended that pregnant mothers, before going to bed or after waking up in the middle of the night, if you feel hungry and want to add extra meals, it is best to endure a forbearance, this meal can save the province, If you do If you don't, then you may face these very real problems.

1, pregnant mothers overweight, easy to increase the difficulty of childbirth

In fact, Dani is a good example in the above case. At that time, because the weight was too high during production, it was too fat. The doctor also asked Danny whether the diet during pregnancy was not temperate or reasonable. With Danny, I feel very embarrassed. Of course, because of overweight, Dani is really suffering from a lot of crimes during production. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers, the nightingale after the pregnancy must be If you are restrained, you can take care of yourself and your baby if you can control your mouth. If you want to go well and don't want to lengthen your life, you must pay attention to it.

2,It is easy to disturb the fetus’s routine, which is not conducive to the fetus. Development

In fact, there are many pregnant mothers who have the habit of adding meals in the middle of the night. Their mouths are satisfied, they are full of mouth addiction, but they don’t know that the fetus may be at rest. State, but if the pregnant mother has to eat this meal, it will also make the baby wake up for no reason, thus disrupting the fetus's work, and after the birth, the fetus may become a high-demand baby. It becomes very difficult to bring, if the pregnant mother does not want to experience the bitter history of the baby after the experience, then the pregnancy is still a little bit of heart, if you can not eat, try not to add this meal.

Of course, if some pregnant mothers really can't stand because of the hungry at night, don't have to support them. You can eat some food mats at the bottom, but be sure to choose low-nutrition high-nutrition, such as Wheat bread or milk, but remember not to treat this meal as a main meal. how about you? Do you have a big increase in appetite during pregnancy?