The 2-year-old daughter is suffering from malignant lymphoma. In order to pay a high medical bill, her mother has no choice but to bring her daughter a meal.

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The 2-year-old daughter is suffering from malignant lymphoma. In order to pay a high medical bill, her mother has no choice but to bring her daughter a meal.

2018-12-09 10:25:27 369 ℃

In the cold winter streets of Jinan, some citizens saw a female rider who sent a takeaway. The female rider was named Li Na. She often took her 2-year-old daughter to take delivery, so everyone called her "Kangaroo Mother."

Li Na’s daughter is Tang Tang, who was diagnosed with lymphoma 1 year ago. In order to treat her daughter, Li Na Selling a house in his hometown, but the cost of follow-up treatment may still need five or six hundred thousand. For Li Na, this is an astronomical figure.

Because she has to take care of her daughter, Li Na chooses to go out for her take-out at the lunch break of her daughter every day, but due to limited time for delivery every day. Every day, she only has 40 yuan in income, but at least she can support the meal of the day. When her daughter is awake and her physical condition is not bad, Li Na sometimes takes her daughter to take delivery.

According to Li Na, her daughter Tang Tang is suffering from B lymphoblastic lymphoma, which is a malignant lymphoma.

The take-out platform takes into account that Li Na’s current economic situation is not very good, and she sent some things and 5,000 yuan to the children. The person in charge of the take-out platform said that he would help Li Na to raise some children's medical expenses through some crowdfunding channels. At the same time, the platform also considers that Li Na is not safe to take a child to take a bicycle for delivery. I hope that she will not take the child with her delivery in the future. If there is any difficulty, she will communicate in advance and then go out to pick up the takeaway order when the child gets settled. Li Na saw that everyone is caring about herself. She said that she is very grateful, and she will continue to encourage her to cheer and strive for the greatest hope for her children.

Users read the story of "Kangaroo Mom" ​​Li Na, thinking that this is called mother, just in the face of difficulties When Li Na chose to respond positively, it was really a great mother.

Some netizens also read Li Na’s story, and immediately recalled the story of a father who had given up on the treatment of leukemia sons for fear of money and money two days ago. Jiangsu 8-year-old boy is suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia. His mother wants to go to the hospital for regular treatment, but Dad is firmly opposed: "It is a bottomless pit, and it can't be cured." Then the strong father signed the treatment. Forcing his son to leave the hospital because he was worried that "people and money are both empty."

(The picture is strong and mother)

Users sigh with parents, this difference is true Not ordinary big.

In fact, the child’s illness is the last thing every parent wants to see. Every parent wants the child to grow up healthily and happily. However, "there is no weather in the sky". For parents, if they are seriously ill, they need to go to the hospital for regular examination and treatment. You can't take it for granted that you should not treat it, can you cure it, and professional things. Give it to professional people.

However, the "Kangaroo mother" Li Na is most moved by her netizens. She knows that her child is suffering from malignant lymphoma. She does not blame her. She still chooses to face life and be active. Develop treatments for children. Diseases in the Tang and Tang Dynasties B-cell mother cell lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is classified into three basic types according to cell origin: B cells, T cells, and NK/T cells. Lymphoma. B cell lymphoma is more common in clinical practice, accounting for 75%-80% of the total. However, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a tumor that is highly curable, and if a close relative has a history of malignant disease of the blood or lymphatic system, the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma may increase by 2~ 4 times.