Anti-smog, choose a mask, see the parents choose, the respiratory doctor is anxious

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Anti-smog, choose a mask, see the parents choose, the respiratory doctor is anxious

2018-12-09 10:25:32 417 ℃

With the advent of winter, smog has followed, and every year, children have become the hardest hit areas. In order to help the child avoid harm, the parents went into battle and came up with various methods.

It’s futile to let children not go out of their homes. The children need to exercise a lot more.

It is advisable for children to go out by car, but it is not a long-term solution. It is not always possible to prevent children from becoming "lazy" in order to prevent smog.

Left thinking, it is best to wear a mask, the most practical and most effective.

There are a variety of parents.

In order to let children like to wear masks, all kinds of shapes, various patterns, colorful masks, have been excavated Come out.

The doctors in the respiratory department were anxious at the same time as the parents hid the joy and found the magic weapon.

Because of the masks, not only can the children not escape the smog, but also cause more and more breathing problems for the children. How is this going?

Let's get to know it.

Overview of the pharmacies around us, whether it is a disposable mask or a multi-layer gauze mask, is an adult model.

Go into the mall or search for Taobao. As a result, "children's masks" were crowned with various gimmicks before us.

There is antibacterial, anti-mite and multi-functional anti-filter material.

From the price point of view, it is even more varied, cheap two yuan, expensive dozens of dollars.

There are these masks. If careful parents find out that they are actually worn by children, they can't completely cover their noses, especially those who are less than one year old.

In addition to these problems we can observe, some are invisible and may bring More hidden dangers.

For example, a variety of chemical fiber fabrics are often added to color masks, and most of them are color-adjusted through chemicals. In addition to good looks, even the minimum breathability is difficult to guarantee.

The role of the mask was originally intended to be protective. The treatment of inferior masks was too casual and non-compliant, and it may itself be the culprit in causing problems in the children's respiratory system.

Not only can cause allergies, but also induce coughing, asthma, etc., endangering.

What kind of mask is the child's first choice?

1. When the child is wearing, the mask should be placed close to the child's face to prevent gaps.

2. Choose a mask of gauze or non-woven material.

3. No special color matching is required. Choose colorless and plain color to prevent chemical damage to children.

4. Before the child wears, the parents should consciously sniff to ensure that the mask has no other odor and good ventilation. .

5. To ensure filterability and breathability, PM2.5 type masks are not recommended for children's masks.

6. Masks should be cleaned and cleaned. Of course, one-off is good, but if you consider the price, you can choose cotton masks, but it is best not to use disinfectant or irritating when cleaning. The cleaning agent is soaked or cleaned.

The doctors’ appeal reminded parents that wearing masks without wearing them would also cause health problems for children.

It seems that the simple pursuit of form and style is wrong, but also consider the safety and environmental protection.